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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Pokémon Mobile Game Announced

When I first began this incredible run of Pokemon material, I had no idea it would culminate in this:

Pokémon Co-Master - a new mobile game based on the Pokémon franchise—has been announced, set to appear in the Spring of 2016.

While only set for Japan, as of now, it can be played on Android and iOS devices, in a partnership with Heroz Japan.

Heroz Japan is a company that specializes in AI… artificial intelligence development, and guess what?

Pokémon Co-Master utilizes AI as a large part of the game.

Players will battle computer-controlled players in a strategy board game similar to shogi (a Japanese version of chess).

Perhaps it's no coincidence that other titles under Heroz Japan, includes: Shogi Wars (I always loved Obi Wan kakugyō/bishop - kidding, there's no such character in the game) and Chess Heroz.

This is the second major Pokémon mobile game announcement. Last year Pokémon Go via Nintendo and Niantic was announced—an augmented reality mobile game.

In fact, a field test of Pokémon Go has been confirmed for this month in Japan…. with the hopes that it will be released around some major holiday period… this year. While the field test will begin later this month, it is only Japan, but mention was made that other market areas would soon have field tests—so it's not just a Japan game.

Android and iOS devices have also been confirmed for the test; version 4.3 and higher for Android are being supported and for iOS the game is for iPhone 5 or newer models. While the devices are mentioned, the entry form also mentions that there is “no guarantee” the game will run on the device. No official release date has, as of this writing, been announced.

As for what I originally began writing about, Pokémon Co-Master… check out the initial trailer below (all in Japanese):

Andrew Joseph

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