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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Real Or Fake Boobs On Japanese TV

Everyone likes boobs. Okay, that's a pretty broad statement, but for the male heterosexual community and the female gang who appreciate them on themselves and others, the sweater puppets are considered a very intriguing way to wile away the afternoon via staring, ogling, fantasizing, slobbering over and well... things are just getting out of hand here.

I'm not much of a boob man. I've dated women with A-cups to F-cups, and to be honest, big or small, as long as my actions can create a bit of sensory overload, that's good enough for me.

I have never been a fan of the fake boobs. I dislike the feel and, when unencumbered, I dislike the way they look... unnatural. Especially when the woman is lying down.

Have you ever had a fake boob hit you in the head? Look Raoul - stars!

Chalk it up to preferring women who won't wear a lot of make-up because they themselves don't believe they require a lot of make-up.

The Japanese men seem to like women with big boobs.

Drunken Japanese businessmen seem to have no problem with going over to a woman and feeling them up - which is another societal problem in and on itself.

There are many websites on the Internet devoted to such idle piffle where viewers can glance at the clothed chest of a woman and offer an opinion on if the boobs are real or not. I think I spent 30-seconds at one site and realized that I don't really care if I'm not seeing them in the flesh, so to speak.

Anyhow... Japan... here's a segment from a Japanese television show where three individuals are invited to go and squeeze as many boobs as they can in 15 seconds to try and determine which is real and which is fake.

To their credit, one of the contestants was a woman - and yet, if you see it, all the touchie-feely Japanese didn't make the whole thing a gross embarrassment.

I fully expected one of the guys to drop to his knees, thrust his face in an ample bosom and shake his head violently while yelling "Brrrrrrrrrrofsky".

Maybe that's just me.

While the end result isn't shown - like really, who cares - I was more impressed that someone thought this segment would titillate an audience.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Image at the top - real. Or... to quote the X-Files: "I want to believe."

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