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Sunday, March 13, 2016

United Nations Tells Japan To Stop Schoolgirl Sexploitation

According to a United Nations human rights official, Japan should ban commercial activities leading to sexual exploitation of children, especially where it concern dating services offered by teenage schoolgirls.

It's a sad commentary, when the United Nations feels it has to get involved in another country's business.

It's sadder still when the United Nations feels it has to get involved because it feels the country is sexually-exploiting children.

Not just one person or a group of persons, but a nation as a whole…

Of course its not the whole country of Japan, but the U.N. is pretty much indicting the whole country for not having previously stood up to condemn those who do exploit, or to condemn its national government for doing more to protect teenage schoolgirls from themselves (greed) and from the men who would prey on them (pimps and johns).

According to the UN's Maud de Boer-Buquicchio who visited Japan in October of 2015 with the express purpose of looking into sexual exploitation including the joshi kosei (high-school girl prostitution), she says in her report:

"JK business is not infrequent among some junior and senior high-school-aged girls (aged from 12- to 17-years-old), who consider it a part-time job with prestige.

“Once in the business, they often find themselves coerced into providing sexual services by their employers or customers.”

What does sexual exploitation mean in Japan?

The report indicates that sex need not be part of the equation for it to be considered sexual exploitation of a minor, saying the 'business' can be things like: walking dates; photo sessions; reflexology services provided by the schoolgirls.

There are legal businesses that provide a home base for the girls and their horny male customers.

I don't have a photograph, but I'd bet any money that the girls always dress in a school outfit. If you didn't know, that Catholic School Girl look constitutes a Japanese junior or high school outfit, and for decades that look has helped fuel everything from legit anime and manga (think Sailor Moon, for example) to seedier versions, as well as Japan's lucrative AV (adult video) porn industry.

If a woman looks young enough (and lacks the tattoos), she'll wear a school girl skirt and shirt and socks and will get molested in a Japanese porno film.

According to the UN report, the author met with what she calls "victims" of the JK business and prostitution, and (and I quote) "they all wished for the ‘JK business’ to disappear.”

This seems to be a case of talking to the right people at the right time, and not with everyone involved. All the women involved? Hey… if the reports said 99%, I would have found it more believable. One hundred percent seems like someone pushing their agenda—which I agree is a good agenda.

According the report, Japan has made recent strides in halting the 'sale of children, child prostitution and pornography'… but says that "report added, “the sexual exploitation of children online and offline is, however, still a major issue of concern in Japan.”

Did you know that the age of sexual consent in Japan is 13-years-old?

So… if that ages is considered okay to have sex, then it is also okay for a 13-year-old Japanese girl to go on walk dates or allow herself to be photographed (at no time did it say nudity was involved - but for a few extra yen, it could probably be arranged).

Want to read more about Japanese Schoolgirl Prostitution - laws, prices, cases… click HERE

I think what I wrote in that blog near the end was incorrect… as I made it seem that the girls were making the choice to be in the sex industry on their own without coercion.

I do believe that some girls are electing to go into the business of their own volition, but I also believe that many are coerced.

For me to have said: if there were no women offering sexual services for money, then prostitution would not exist…

… well, that was incorrect - at least the way it was taken.

Yes… no prostitutes, no prostitution. Then again… would there be more sexual assault.

I meant that if women were not involved in the sex industry (regardless of how they were initially introduced to it - self, coercion), then there would be no such thing as prostitution.

I probably am still wrong. If no women were involved, guys would try and put their penis into a whole lotta other things, not necessarily just mammals, or alive, or even animate, and would pay for that privilege.

Anyhow... there's a whole bunch of things to consider:

Is Japan's age of sexual consent too young?

Well, I said it was 13, nationally - but each municipality has its own laws, such as the Youth Protection Law” in Tokyo, which prohibit adults from having sex with youths who are under the age of 17. 

Why are men seeking out non-adult prostitutes? Is it more prevalent in Japan than in other countries?

Is Japan doing enough to protect underage sexploitation? The UN doesn't think so.

What IS underage in Japan? So... does Tokyo's rules supersede the nation's? The Tokyo rule and national rule are actually two different things.

If a 14-year-old boy has consensual sex with a 13-year-old girl in Tokyo or anywhere, it is perfectly legal.

But, if that boy is substituted for an 18-year-old man then in Tokyo it is illegal, regardless if the 13-year-old girl gave her consent to have sex with him. But... would it be illegal in another part of Japan?

So... according to Japanese law, the same could be said regarding any form of paid for sex or non-sexual exploitation, couldn't it?

Yes, and no. Japan's laws are a freaking mess.
Still... the whole thing is screwed up... just find an adult, if you must.

The End,
Andrew Joseph
None of the women in the photos above are actual junior high or high school students - they are adult Japanese models. Yes, I am aware of the 'irony' in me using these images to discuss sexploitation in Japan. I feel it helps illustrate the point... though I fear I may have gone overboard.

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