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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chimp Makes Monkey Of Japanese During Daring Escape From Zoo

While not quite Planet of the Apes-like, things got pretty hairy last week in Sendai after a chimpanzee escaped from Yagiyama Zoological Park.

Not quite every which way but loose, on April 14, 2016, Chacha, a 24-year-old male chimp, found a hole in a fence and made his escape that would have made the lads stuck in Stalag Luft III (The Great Escape) proud.

Spoiler Alert:
But, like damn near everyone in that movie, Chacha was found surrounded by the dirty Boche (Why am I thinking of Hogan’s Heroes?)… anyhow… I mean after Chacha climbed atop a hydro pole, zoo workers tried to get the chimp down.

Check out that fierce image above from AP… holy crap. Ape shall never kill ape, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t kill humans.

Obviously not wanting to go back to his “home” back at the zoo, that very brave or stupid zoo worker in the cherry picker shot Chacha with a tranquilizer arrow.

Of course… it wasn’t an instantaneous knock out shot… no… Chacha began scampering along the wires…

Chacha pulled the arrow out… but then the sedative kicked in… and dangling from the electrical wire, the now unconscious chimpanzee fell headfirst …

… into a large blanket below held by a dozen zoo workers. 

Chacha is okay, suffering minor bruises and cuts from his ordeal.

Andrew Joseph

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