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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fake Toenail Stockings

I don’t believe I know a woman who thinks that the latest Japanese invention for female beauty care is a good thing—at least I hope not.

At first glance at the image above, we see an attractive set of toes adorned with some fancy nail polish application providing what is, in my opinion, a sexy look.

But wait… look at the leg above the ankle… is that a shimmer?

Now look at the area of the actual toes… that’s not a natural look, is it?

No… welcome to Japan where woman can stick their legs down a pair of hosiery that comes with pre-painted toenail polish on the OUTSIDE.

Look… I have previously gone on the record as stating that many women already fool men a lot with their fakery. But this is ridiculous.

I have no problem with a bit of make-up deftly applied to accentuate a woman’s appearance… a bit of blush, some lipstick, even eyeliner and eyeshadow. Heck, even some perfume (but definitely deodorant), if you don’t think it’ll make my wife suspicious.

Men, when looking for a woman, use smell to detect pheromones… and when we find a pheromone scent that is appealing to us, the individual, there is an attraction. Yes… perfume masks that woman’s true pheromone scent… but eventually that real scent comes out in the wash.

Women have hair color, cosmetics, fake boobs… there’s a lot of subterfuge going on… I think that sometimes confuses the baser instincts of men.

Conversely, men have cologne, hair dye… and usually that’s all, though I know some have permanent eye-liner, where bronzer… but really, men aren’t often masking their pheremones with falsehood. Unless you wear a lot of Axe products.

Anyhow… for the Japanese—to go along with the fake camel toe panties (Really, if you are interested in showing off such a thing, you are already pretty slutty so just go without panties and leave your phone number with me in an e-mail that simply says when and where)—we have the Belle Maison stockings.

Belle Maison - I’m not that good with the French language except to know enough to get slapped nine times out of 10 (but that tenth time is magic!), but I’m pretty sure that company name translates to Beautiful House.

Beautiful House… okay… whatever. I’m here to poke holes in their toe jam stockings.

The stockings for the lazy Japanese woman who has nothing, come in a wide variety of colors and designs, a sea motif called the Mermaid; something with a feather and pearls called the Flamingo; Lime Candy which looks like something you could suck on—which I would, but this ain’t a real toe; Sunny Shower which looks like… I don’t know what it looks like - an apple; and Tile Flower, which offers two toe covered in a floral appliqué, and the remaining three in a slate grey tile appearance.

There’s Disney brands, too, including Rapunzel; Chip n/ Dale; Tinkerbell; and Donald Duck, who I can only assume is there because he doesn’t wear pants.

Hell, there’s even a Parisienne look with an Eiffel Tower making an appearance on the big toe, and stars and hearts on the others, because Japan still thinks that Paris is romantic—which it may very well be, but wearing fake nail polish is no way to express romance. 

Want to see the whole line-up of stockings? Go HERE.

Anyhow… to each their own.

I know Japanese women tend to wear stockings pretty much all the time, but having dated a few Japanese women who knew the power of their skin on a man, all I can say is that I have always appreciated the time and effort put in. Period.

My thanks to Alice, who sent me this lead, and a woman who takes the time to provide real sex appeal rather than fakery like this Japanese invention.

Yes, I am aware that the user can switch her toenail appearance several times a day, but it also means you have to carry around several pairs of stockings with you.

I am aware that people have busy lives, and finding the time to paint one’s toenails may seem frivolous—well, just leave’em plain. There’s no shame in that!

In my opinion, the shame comes from wearing the fake toenail stockings that cost ¥990 (US $8.90).

Andrew Joseph


  1. Yeah but aren't toes different for everyone? Don't you think that the designs will not always fall exactly where the toe nail is? That would just throw everything off.

    1. Ha! I had thought of it after I wrote it, and decided not to add it in... but, to be fair... this product doesn't LOOK that bad... but who knows? It's not like people stare at toes all day long... painted toes will draw one's attention, though....

  2. Maybe I'm perverted and I do stare at people's toes all day. BTW should should get that thing checked out on your big toes.