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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Maid In Japan, er… Toronto

For those of you who know me, I like a woman in uniform. Yes, I respect the brave women in police, fire, military and even nurse garb - to acknowledge a cliche… but no… I like my cliche's to be very cliche.

I kindda enjoy the whole French maid look… with the fishnet stockings. Not the small holes… not the large holes, but the medium size holes. In fact, a particular kink with me is that I honestly believe I would rather see a fully-dressed woman wearing a pair of black fishnets, than one totally naked. The naked part will happen later, I can guarantee.

But, for the purposes of this particular blog, let me backtrack to loving the whole French Maid look. I don't know why. I just do. I've never met a maid. I have had women wear fishnets for my benefit because I may have mentioned it's a turn on… but no… no living, loving' maid.

In Japan, there are apparently a lot of Japanese men who have this weird sexual fantasy.

No… I am not talking about them making it with a high school girl wearing her Sailor Moon suit… this is HUGE in Japan.

Rather, I am talking about the sexual fantasies regarding men being seduced by the maid he has hired to clean his room… rather than dusting, she is instead folding his laundry, if you know what I mean.  I don't, but good for you if you do.
I had no idea this existed. Why was I not informed?!?! 2010? Hell, my place is a mess. This Toronto biz has nothing to do with today's blog. 
Anyhow… live from Toronto, it's: Uncle Tetsu's Angel Cafe… in an area some know as Little Japan… just opened, and catering to the otaku… fans of anime and manga.

Located in a two-story building, with room for 72 horny or hungry or hungry and horny customers, Uncle Tetsu's Angel Cafe is, apparently, a fun little place that I would liken to a cabaret… a dinner and a show.

Because this is a Japanese place, as soon as you enter the cafe, women in maid outfits shout out the typical Japanese retail greeting of "Irrashaimase!"

The Japanese will call this whole dressed up in a French Maid outfit as something more than it actually is. They call it Cosplay, which, as the Japanese love to do, is a mashup of English words to create new ones… in this case "Costume  Play"… which really is just someone dressing up in a costume.

I dressed up as an evil scientist to promote and sell my comic magazine Evil Scientist Quarterly at the Chicago Comic Convention a few years back. Plenty of my fellow geeks and nerds dressed up as their favorite anime (cartoon) and manga (comic book) and pop fiction characters… and more power to ya. Not my bag… I was just trying to make a buck and have some fun.

Kindda like what the workers at Uncle Tetsu's Angel Cafe in Toronto are trying to do.
An Angel Hat Cheesecake. It kindda looks like a boob.
 Now… I should reiterate, that the female workers at the front, are supposed to be dressed up as
French Maids… not just maids like one might find at a Best Western Hotel - not that there's anything wrong with that.

The French Maid look its supposed to look sexy.

There are French Maid cafe's all over Japan.

Japan is weird. Now Toronto is, too.

The cafe is meant to capture the spirit (and only the spirit) of the Japanese version to basically introduce Canadians to the whole otaku culture of Japan.

These pretty little maids in a row take one's food and drink order, but will not do anything remotely sexual. This is a restaurant. Perhaps even a family restaurant. I think it depends on the family.

Three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, the maids will get up on a small stage and perform singing/dancing renditions of J-Pop (Japanese Pop music), which is probably not my cup of o-cha, but maybe it's yours. C'est la vie, mon cherie.  See image at the very top, where the central Japanese maid is doing the ever-classy "jazz hands".

Now… if you are going to a cafe such as this, you are going first for the atmosphere, which it apparently has in spades, and you are going for the food.

If the food sucks, the only thing that can save a restaurant, is the sexiness of its staff. and then you have a different type of place that is not about otaku at all.

Anyhow, Uncle Tetsu's Angel Cafe apparently has some good looking and fine tasting cuisine.
Again… I have not yet visited, and knowing who I live with, I'd have to go by myself - so the commentary on food quality is all heresay.
Just a regular Uncle Tetsu cheesecake

The house specialty is something called the Lunar Cheesecake and the Angel Hat Cheesecake.

I have no idea what an angel hat is, except to assume it's a halo. The Angel Hat Cheesecake costs CDN $10… so what is that $1.47 US? Or six yen? Stupid exchange rate. You can figure out what it is in your country (I use - no, it's not an ad or product placement).

Other food options, I and I use the term lightly because it all seems to be sugary sweet, are pudding and cheesecake (all Cdn $4.80).

Drinks: hot and cold espresso drinks, matcha latte (CDN $4 each). The latte's come with kawai (cute) art on the foam. There's also loose leaf tea (CDN $3.75) such as genmaicha, houjicha, or organic Earl Grey - all served in old-fashioned teapots. 

A matcha latte - meh, not my cuppa tea.

The place seems popular… so the casual drop-by may not be in the cards, but who knows… maybe it'll work out.   

The other downside is the fact that the cafe seems to only churn out about 12 cakes every 15 minutes (one customer's opinion)… and with 72 seats in the place… someone's gonna be hungry.

If you are in Toronto, check out Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Angel Cafe:
Address: 191 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON
Monday-Sunday: 8AM - 11PM

There's already an Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheescake shop at:
Address: 598 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5G 1M5
Same open hours.

And an Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Mtacha Cafe
Address: 596 Bay St, Toronto, ON, M5G 1M5
Hours: Monday - Sunday, 10AM - 9PM

I visited Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake shop a little while back and dropped the subtle hints - y'know what I mean. A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat, and of course: nudge-nudge-wink-wink, but instead of Japanese cheesecake, they kept giving me cheesecake.

There are Uncle Tetsu places in Canada, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines. You can check out the website HERE.

Thank you to Alice for the heads up. 

Andrew Joseph


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