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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Scarlett Johansson Plays Japanese Character In Movie

I suppose I have finally come to the conclusion that my feelings for Scarlett Johansson are stronger than hers for me—and I’m okay with that. She’ll come around.

Anyhow… the spectacular Ms. Johansson is, as most people are aware, a healthy white woman who just so happens to be a movie actress, having appeared in such hits as The Avengers (both of the movies, plus the upcoming Civil War), Lucy and many more.

More often than not, Johansson has played a character revolving around the world of comic books: playing the always hot Black Widow character in the Marvel blockbuster flicks and nerd girl Rebecca in Ghost World when she was 16 or 17.

You may have noticed that I added the word “white” when describing her… which isn’t like me at all, because I don’t really give a crap about such things. But in this case, it is warranted.

Scarlett Johansson is set to play the lead role in the movie Ghost in the Shell, a live-action version of a Japanese anime (animated film), which was itself based on a manga (comic book) created back in 1989.I have never read it, but I have heard it is fantastic.

So… people are wondering why the heck a white woman has been cast as a Japanese lead.

Get used to it.

Despite a super large actor population, apparently Hollywood could never find a brown enough person to act in its movies… like in Gandhi. Yeah, I know actor Ben Kingsley got some Indian in him… but no one is going call him anything but white.

What about casting Nick Fury in the Avenger’s movies as a black man via Samuel L Jackson. yeah… I know that the there was a line of books set in an alternate universe where Fury was black and based on Jackson himself… but that’s not what Fury was originally.

Personally, who gives a rat’s butt. Kingsley and Jackson are wonderful actors, and while I don’t think Ms. Johansson is at that same point yet, she does possess world-class sweater puppets, and as long as the script is fine, she’ll do her job well.

What the fug is Ghost in the Shell? It’s cyber punk in Japan.

Johansson will play “Major”, aka Kusanagi Motoko, a cyberntically-augmented woman, who in the 21st century (that’s now) will explore the futuristic landscape of Japan wondering what makes a human human.

Considering Johansson already played Lucy with her ultra-human brain powers, it seems to me she should be more than ready for this role.

I have no idea who is actually complaining about Johansson in this Japanese role. probably a few Japanese people. But whatever… this ain’t no Japanese movie.

This is a Hollywood movie. Why not use one of the most beautiful and popular actresses one can get their lucky hands on?

It’s not like the manga/anime character of the Major looked Japanese to begin with!

Look at the comparison above! Who has the bigger eyes? Kidding, but Japan's characterization of eyes in its manga and anime has always ticked me off.

Why does Japan not make its cartoon and comic book characters look more like a real Japanese person? Don't give me that 'cuteness' crap argument. Maybe it was find back in the early days, but why do 90% of the books and anime follow that large eye rule?

Yeah... some characterization has occurred where the Japanese animated figures actually have Asian eyes.

Jawline? Boob size? Well, they got that part correct, as Ms. Johansson almost seems to possess a body of comic book proportions.

Seriously... I've been to Japan. Lived there a while. Was lucky enough to date women so beautiful I still have no idea how that happened.

And while there's a few Japanese women out there with bodies like that (heck, there are a few women in the world who have comic book bodies), I can state for a fact that body-wise, all depictions of the Major are not representative of a true Japanese female body. Sorry... it's true.

Now, the Major is supposed to have cybernetic augmentation... but seriously... bionic boobs? Despite the wishes of many a fanboy and fangirl, it ain't ever happening.

Hair color? The manga/anime character has purple hair. Yeah man... she looks soooooo Japanese.

Seriously… is it skin tone? That’s the problem?

There’s people out there who will complain about anything you can come up with. There’s people who are offended that zebras have vertical stripes. There’s people are who believe the Earth is flat. There are people who believe in god. It’s all faith, right? So skin color?

People are upset that the casting of Ms. Johansson is the American studio simply not understanding the concept of what they are working with.

Bull roar! (How 1970s of me.)

The studio(s) Paramount and DreamWorks know what they are doing.

They picked a sexy actor to lead their movie.

Should they have picked Lucy Liu? Or Ming-Na Wen? They aren’t Japanese either, despite their very different skin tones.
Lucy Liu is 47, but a 10 in my book. See her in tv's Elementary.

Ming-Na Wen is 52 - like really? Holy crap! See her on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD tv show.

What Japanese actress should they have used?

I’m sure you can think of one or six… but this is a Hollywood movie, with a big budget and high expectations. They want to entertain and make money… not necessarily in that order.

Skin color? Racism? Whitewashing? 

People need to get their head out of their politically correct collective butt and hope like hell Ghost in the Shell is a good movie.

Man… the next thing you’ll know, Japan will be forced two make their own Japanese version of Ghost in the Shell, like they are doing with Godzilla.

Damn American Godzilla looks fat! Right… and those Japanese Godzilla movies made in the late 1960s and 70s are good.

Yes… Scarlett Johansson and my favorite lizard.

Andrew Joseph

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