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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cat Smack Fever

I only think this cat food is supposed to be called Cat Snack… but what do I know?

Perhaps the Japanese really want to smack a cat.

Seeing the condition of my sofa, thanks to Freddy - my @$$hole cat that uses it, rather than the $70 scratching post I bought him that I spray with cat nip to get him interested - anyhow, seeing the condition of my sofa, I understand the concept of Cat Smack.

Look, I understand that everyone makes mistakes - including whomever had that cat first and didn’t get him declawed - but Cat Smacks? It’s a Japanese cat food… which I assume, because it says “Smacks/Snacks”, it’s a treat… so…
  1. Why the fug is a cat treat package so huge?
  2. Why isn’t such a huge 2.5 kilogram bag reclosable? There’s no evidence that it is.
  3. Why couldn’t the brand owner pay $250 (¥25,000) and ask ME if the English is correct or incorrect?
  4. Why the hell are you using English anyways? This is a Japanese product! Why are you using English? Use effing Japanese! How can English still be cool? I left Japan a long time ago!
  5. You know we don’t use cool Japanese phrases on our English-language brand packaging, right?
  6. You did mean “Snack”, right? That cat image used looks kindda haughty…. like ya wantta smack him… not that I would… I just mean that kitten doesn’t look as cute as it could?
  7. I do like that the cat is framed in a red ribbon heart - awww… you love to smack your cat.
  8. I am also confused by the other single English word used - Happy - that is contained within the green circle next to the cat’s cheeky cheek.
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By the way... declawing a cat is illegal in Japan. But not in Canada.... just saying...

Andrew Joseph

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