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Monday, May 23, 2016

Did You Know #10: All The Fanta Flavors With Photos - UPDATED

(UPDATED as of January 22, 2017)
Fanta is a brand of fruit-flavored soft drink, a brand owned by the Coca-Cola Company.

In Canada, I have spied a grand total of three flavors: Orange, Grape and Cream Soda (the pink variety), and all three are occasionally enjoyed by my son as a treat.

Three flavors - and sometimes that is too many options for a 10-year-old.

In Japan, there are 90 different flavors.

Why does Japan get so many varieties? Can’t the Japanese simply adapt to whatever flavor a soft drink manufacturer offers?

Does a soft drink manufacturer HAVE to offer a flavor catering to every single Japanese taste craving?

In Japan, the number one selling flavor is Grape... which is interesting only because around the rest of the world, the best-selling flavor is Orange. 

Hey, Suzuki-san! Do you want a drink?
Sure, Suzuki-san! What have you got available?
I have Fanta, Suzuki-san! What flavor would you like?
What do you have Suzuki-san?
I have Acerola.
What the heck is that?
I donto know. But I could have it on my lips all day.

Well... for all you Suzuki-san's out there, Japan has produced the following: 

All 90 Fanta Flavors Available In Japan (and since when)  

    •    Lemon + C (Since January 2017)

    •    Super Plus 180ml (Since 2016 - only available in vending machines)

    •    White Peach 430 ml (Since 2016 - only available in vending machines)

    •    Cassis (カシス) (Since 2009)

    •    Melon Soda (メロン) (Since 1988)

    •    Funmix (ファンミックス) (Since 2010) - cola and orange blend similar to the Black Orange flavor available outside Japan in the 80's

    •    Club Soda (クラブ) (Since 1958)

    •    Lemon (レモン) (Since 1974)

    •    Honey Lemon (ハニーレモン) (Since 2006)

    •    Yuzu (ゆず) (Since 2005)

    •    Melon Cream (メロンクリーム) (Since 2006)
    •    Grape (グレープ) (Since 1958)
    •    Golden Grape (ゴールデングレープ) (Since 1975)

    •    Grapefruit (グレープフルーツ) (Since 1993)

    •    Pineapple (パイナップル) (Since 1988)

    •    Orange (オレンジ) (Since 1958)
    •    Pine Fruit (パインフルーツ)   (Since 1987)

    •    Peach (ピーチ) (Since 1989)

    •    Fruit Punch (フルーツパンチ) (Since 1984)

    •    Sweetie (スウィーティー) (Since 2004)

    •    Strawberry Cream (ストロベリークリーム) (Since 2012)

    •    Green Apple (青りんご) (Since 1991)

    •    Apple (アップル) (Since 1974)

    •    Zero Cider (ZERO サイダー) (Since 2009)

    •    Hip Hop Fruit Punch (ヒップホップ) (Since 2010)

    •    Apple Mix (アップルミックス) (Since 1988)

    •    Strawberry (ストロベリー) (Since 1988)

    •    Tropical Punch (トロピカルパンチ) (Since 1990)

    •    Muscat (マスカット) (Since 1992)

    •    Squash Punch (スカッシュパンチ) (Since 1994)

    •    Clear Pineapple (クリアーパイン) (Since 1996)

    •    Golden Pineapple (ゴールデンパイナップル) (Since 1998)

    •    Green Muscat (グリーンマスカット) (Since 1998)

    •    Clear Peach (クリアピーチ) (Since 1999)

    •    Lychee (ライチ) (Since 2000)

    •    Funky Lemon (ファンキーレモン) (Since 2001)

    •    Fruity Grapefruit (フルーティーグレープフルーツ) (Since 2002)

    •    White Peach (ホワイトピーチ) (Since 2002)

    •    Golden Apple (ゴールデンアップル) (Since 2002)

    •    Tropical Fruit (トロピカルフルーツ) (Since 2003)

    •    Tangerine (みかん) (Since 2005)

    •    La France (ラ・フランス) (Since 2001)

    •    White Peach (ホワイトピーチ) (Since 2002)

    •    Sumomo (すもも) (Since 2003)

    •    White Strawberry (ホワイトストロベリー) (Since 2004)

    •    Winter Apple (ウィンターアップル) (Since 2004)

    •    Amino Cider (アミノサイダー) (Since 2004)

    •    Fruity Melon (フルーティーメロン) (Since 2005)

    •    Sweet Grapefruit (スウィートグレープフルーツ) (Since 2005)

    •    Vitamin-C Smash (ビタミンCスカッシュ) (Since 2005)

    •    Anzu (あんず) (Since 2005)

    •    Kiwi (キウィ) (Since 2005)

    •    Ultra Lemon (ウルトラレモン) (Since 2005)

    •    Clear Apple (クリアアップル) (Since 2006)

    •    R18 (Since 2006)

    •    White Banana (ホワイトバナーナ) (Since 2006)

    •    Party-Mix Muscat and Apple (パーティーミックス マスカット&アップル) (Since 2006)

    •    Ichigo Cream (いちごクリームソーダ) (Since 2007)

    •    Showato Peach (シュワッとピーチ) (Since 2007)

    •    Fantastic Five (ファンタスティックファイブ) (Since 2007)

    •    Chilly Tangerine (冷え冷えみかん) (Since 2007)

    •    Tropical Mango (トロピカルマンゴー) (Since 2007)

    •    The Mystery Fruit (謎のフルーツ) (Since 2007)

    •    Genius Energy (天才エネルギー) (Since 2010)

    •    Snow Squash (スノースカッシュ) (Since 2010)

    •    Momo (もも, Peach) (Since 2011)

    •    Ume (うめ) (Since 2013)

    •    Nashi (なし) Tottori Apple (Since 2013)

    •    Moo Moo White (もぉ~もぉ~ ホワイト) (Since 2010)

    •    Mellow Muscat (芳醇マスカット) (Since 2014)

    •    Mellow La France (豊潤ラ・フランス) (Since 2014)

    •    Mellow Pineapple (豊潤パイナップル) (Since 2014)

    •    Mellow Lychee (豊潤ライチ) (Since 2014)

    •    Mellow Acerola (芳醇アセロラ) (Since 2014)

    •    Mellow Mango (豊潤マンゴー) (Since 2014)

    •    Mellow Apple (芳醇アップル) (Since 2014)

Retired editions
    •    Raspberry (2006) - could not find a Japanese image

On April 21, 2008 CocaCola put a new product on the market called Fanta FuruFuru Shaker (ファンタ ふるふるシェイカー?).
 It is provided in smaller cans (190ml and 235ml) and consists of two elements: "carbon acid" and a "jelly" substance. You have to shake the can, before drinking it.This product was aimed at teenagers and Fanta lovers, but the drink has become popular with salarymen. After a short run this product was discontinued and brought back for another short run in 2011. This product is once again out of production.

This list, found on Wikipedia, does not take into account a few other Fanta flavors I found:

Fanta Italian Lime:

Fanta Lemon Squash:

Fanta Melon Soda (different from the Cream Soda flavor - see image above):

Fanta Lemon+C

Fanta Apricot

Fanta Pearl

Fanta Pear

Fanta Watermelon

Fanta White Grape
Image from Napa Japan.
Fanta Shikuwasa Okinawa Citrus
Image from Napa Japan.
 Fanta Lemon Squash Cordial
Another image from Napa Japan... seriously... how come I can't find hide nor hair of these flavors anywhere else? Conspiracy theory... starting... now.
Fanta Apple (2011)

Fanta Halloween Orange and Grape

I have no idea what some of those flavors are. Acerola? Isn’t that the big circular that on a woman’s breast?

Kidding aside, I really don’t know what some of the flavors are (every aereola tastes the same - but different, by the way).

R18? Okay, maybe I haven’t had that in a lot of years. Okay, never… but what the heck is Hip Hop flavor. Sweaty with a hint of violence and gold chain? What about Muscat or green muscat… and what the hell is funky lemon.

No one in Japan can pronounce the word “lemon” correctly, and why is it funky. Funky means something smells bad. Just like funk music… they know what it’s worth, and revel in its odor! I love funk music, but I don’t want to eat anything funky.

Anyhow… I notice there’s no Cream Soda flavor in Japan, which is, of course, my favorite.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Coming soon to a convenience store near you (there’s always one near you): Fanta Cream Soda and Fanta Areola. Apparently you just have to ask, and Coca-Col Japan will deliver. 

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