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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Japan's Birth Rate Is Going Up... Slowly

Fugging A!

Apparently there is still hope for the Japanese race not to die out via extinction as its populace has decided to fight back by screwing each other's brains out in an effort to have more kids.

While I can think of a few other reasons to screw one's brains out, in this case the Japanese appear to have their priorities straight.

According to recently released data, Japan's fertility rate is at a 20-year high, with an average now of 1.46 births per woman (per 2015 numbers).

Apparently 2,000 more Japanese babies were born in 2015... and while an up-tick, it still means that 2015 was the second-lowest number of recorded births in Japan since the post WWII-era.

Obviously, the 2014 birthrate was the lowest.

Now... it's still not a high enough number to stave off extinction of the Japanese race... holy crap... it's like I'm talking about the California Condor back in the 1970s... anyhow... 1.46 births per woman is not enough... as you need numbers over 2.0 (two babies to at least take the place of the male and female birthing them) to ensure a rising population.

One can't expect immigration to Japan to affect those numbers, as few people actually move to Japan to become a citizen... and there are many reasons for that.

Still... 2,000 more babies.

Hmmm... it really is a small amount... but ya gotta start somewhere.

Apparently, by 2100 AD, Japan's aging population will drop down to 80 million people from its current number of 127 million as of 2016.

While Abe, without having more kids himself, is doing his best to provide incentives to families having more kids: with a goal to increase its fertility rate to 1.8 kids per woman... which is apparently the same as the U.K. and the U.S.

The thing is... the U.S. and the U.K. actually have upward-moving immigration to help with that 1.8 fertility thing.

Having 1.8 kids per woman still means a negative population growth rate for Japan.

Still... let's take a victory lap dance Japan... at least the numbers didn't trend downward this time.

Andrew Joseph

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