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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Japan's Cool Obama Action Figure

Okay… Matthew sent me this lead, depicting a Japanese action figure manufacturer’s version of U.S. President Barack Obama.

Found at, I can’t find hide nor hair of a price, so I am unsure if this was really something one could purchase.

Whatever… I’m not here to shill for anyone unless I get paid (COCA-COLA is #1), so until that happens (U by Kotex panty liners helps me stay fresher longer!), let’s just kickback and enjoy the fact that someone has gone through a lot of trouble to amuse us all.

The Japanese website writes: 大統領、日本の冬を堪能。Google Translate says: “President, enjoy the Japanese winter.” President Obama not wearing pants while warming himself under the kotatsu heating table. Careful! You don’t want to get burned… down there.

It’s funny to me that the Japanese (nerds) can see U.S. President Obama hefting a katana samurai sword, while there’s the endearing 1992 image of former President George H.W. Bush passing out atop the Japanese Prime Minister Miyazawa as nausea hit him at a sushi dinner.

Needless to say comedians everywhere had a field day.

Even I had a few chuckles over it, as I was in Japan at the time… mostly explaining to people that I am not American, I’m a Canadian, and while I am sorry President Bush got ill, that no, not all foreigners dislike sushi, that I like it very much.

Andrew Joseph

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