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Monday, May 2, 2016

Nintendo NX Coming In 2017 And Why Video Games Now Suck

I could make a joke about the headline regarding which will come first, me or the NX, but I won't.

Anyhow, Nintendo says its Nintendo NX console will be out for March of 2017... and will be on par with Sony's Play Station 4 and Xbox 1... which is fine, but why not something better? 

Coming out two years after the PS4 is foolish... there are always a few people who have multiple gaming consoles, but most people pick one and that's it.

Nintendo says that the NX will not be a replacement for the Wii U or 3DS (I like this one), but both consoles have lousy sales.

The biggest concern as an owner of a PS4 system, knowing about the other consoles et al, is that video game system manufacturers are once again going to create a downfall in the industry.

While sticker shock for a new console is to be expected, the stupidly high prices for the games themselves is getting stupid.

In Canada, should I want a copy of MLB 16 - the flagship baseball game, I have to pay $79.99.


Not only that, because of the way these PS games are set up, I have to be on-line constantly to play them. This eats up bandwidth, which means higher Internet bills.

The worst are games like Star Wars and Destiny. What utter garbage. Both have to be played online at all times. Star Wars suffers from crappy EA servers, which means the game often crashes, kicking you out, so you have to go back in knowing you've lost the game you were just kicking butt in.

I get it that people enjoy playing games against other people - it's often the only interaction they have with other people.

But what's wrong with playing a game against another person in your own home? Why are these games set-up to be played with friends you've never met, or worse, friends who stay at home - rather than with you? I shower.

I've been playing video games since they first came out. I have a Pong, Odyssey, Atari 400 and 1300XE computers, some Sega systems my brother had, Nintendo NES, SNES and 64 systems, and PS2, 3, and 4. And those are just the non-handheld systems.

And when I say I have them, I mean I still have them.

I played at the video game arcades - doing the old taped string on a quarter trick.

I'm saying I enjoy playing video games...

Maybe I'm getting old... but I don't play the PS4 much... I've played for maybe 30 hours so far this year... when before that could have been a week's game play.

The games are the same-old, same-old... Oh look, Ratchet and Clank are coming out again. The Star Wars movie is NOT part of the Star Wars Battlefront game (why can't I play as Chewbacca?). Plants Vs Zombies is fine - but a wonky server by EA has made it less enjoyable.

I really enjoy the LEGO games - I don't have to play online... it's just me versus the game. But why are they so expensive. Why was the latest Avengers Lego game so expensive?

Licensing. Sure... but we all know the pricing is getting outrageous for the game play.

Tell me HOW LEGO looks better on the PS4 than it did over the PS3? It doesn't.

The PS4's key selling feature is that it can be played online. Mistake by me. I shouldn't have listened to my son and got the system for his birthday last year.

And six hours to upload the Star Wars Battlefront game?

With a PS3 system, I only had to load the disc, wait maybe 20 minutes at the most and I could play. Most PS4 games take longer... and I don't even have to have a disk... I can just upload from the Sony store online.

It's no wonder I try and buy used games with a disc.

If I am going to be disappointed in a videogame, at least it doesn't hurt so much financially.

Ugh, did I really spend $50+ on a Duke Nukem game for the PS3 because the original game was the wife's favorite? The new game sucked... and nowadays, used copies are going for $6... and no one is buying. Don't buy it. It lacks the charm of the original.

Man - just give me a side scroller... or an RPG that I don't EVER have to play online.

Man... I played MLB 15 last year... and actually wasted money buying credits so that I could buy virtual packs of baseball cards that I could use to play on-line or could use to get better equipment for my players. I didn't have to buy them - and after my experience last year, I won't this year. I'll earn'em fair and square.

At least in the old days at the arcade, I could spend $10 on quarters and know exactly what I was getting. Ripped off.

The best were the old home consoles... Buy a $20 computer game, play for 40 hours, beat the game, and not get raped by my Internet provider who have no choice but to charge me for playing a video game that must be played online.

Seriously... why should my internet provider make money off me for playing a video game that I purchased? I understand why... I just don't understand why.  

Anyhow... here's hoping the new Nintendo NX comes out with a system that allows consumers the REAL option of playing online or offline with every game they manufacture.

But I doubt it.
Andrew Joseph
PS - I'm so sick of this topic, that I'm not even going to bold and italicize stuff I normally do. I guess this is what happens when I don't have a real blog topic. I mean I do, but I'm busy.... and the topics I have in mind will take double digit hours to write... like yesterdays..  And screw spelling.

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