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Friday, July 8, 2016

2016 Japanese Coca-Cola Bottles

What we have here are the three bottles Coca-Cola Japan released for 2016 to celebrate the new year... so obviously I'm a little late in presenting this.

While I have a great relationship with the marketing department of Coca-Cola in Canada, sadly I do not have any sort of relationship with Coca-Cola Japan.

Still... what can I say, except that these three plastic wrapped glass bottles contain fantastic imagery of Japan... from the mythical Mt. Fuji (a running joke for myself, as I never was able to see it in three years until I actually left Japan and spied it peeking through the cloud tops as my airplane sped slowly away from Japan to Canada), to a woman in a kimono, to the koi fish in a pond... just beautiful.

What makes the artwork even more spectacular are the additions of line work that are not central to the art, but add to it: the wispy golden clouds; the wooden frame of the woman's umbrella; and the sworls of water caused by the fish in the pond which lends movement to the fish.

Lastly, the iconic signature of Coca-Cola is encapsulated within the red circular rising sun of Japan.

Just... wow. I wish I had these bottles for my small collection at work.

Coca-Cola Canada recently sent me a not-for-sale red and white covered glass bottle just before the Canada Day celebrations on July 1, 2016 - that could have been for Canada Day itself, but was meant to celebrate the 100th anniversary of bottling of Coke in Canada.

It's a great bottle, but pales in comparison to these three bottles celebrating the 2016 new year in Japan.  

Andrew (I'm not complaining) Joseph


  1. Your description of the artwork made me look again and see what you saw. Just wonderful. Made me smile after a long stressful work week. Cheers! (I need a drink ... or two).

    1. Thanks! I looked at the bottles, wrote the blog and then looked at the bottles again... and then noticed the other things of which you described... funny how we tend to miss stuff the first time around. The little things which are actually quite important.
      I hope you had a bit of rum with that Coke.