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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Batman Vs Pokemon - Amended Again

Holy crap - I posted the wrong video game and link below! This time for sure.

Why is Batman smacking Robin? In this case, it isn't because Robin got Chicago White Sox tickets instead of Chicago Cubs tickets, it's because  of Pokemon.

Further, this is light of the fact that some people are upset that along with little kids playing Pokemon Go on their phones et al, adult men are, too... leading many to wonder if the game is being used as an excuse by pedophiles to get close to children as they explore the vast world of Pokemon.

I don't have a portable phone and wouldn't care to use it as a toy anyhow - even to play a cool game like Pokemon Go... if you are wondering what the hubbub is about, take a look at the trailer video I posted in a blog a few months back:

The write-up I did on it is HERE

No... I can't guarantee some perv walking around with his underwear outside his pants isn't going to smack around some kid or worse while using this mobile game as a tool...

Yes... if kids played this game the way it seems like it should be played, they'll be out on their own wandering streets and parks with their head staring out at their phones rather than paying attention to the real surroundings about them - like semi trucks... or semi trucks driven by child molesters.

Like anything in life... monitor your kids the best you can... and let them enjoy whatever it is they enjoy doing... and then make sure they get their a$$ outside, play some sports, hang out with friends, and look for real bugs in nature, rather than stare at some stupid video screen.

You know you're doing it, too. Right now. 

As of July 13, reports are coming in that people are going to the Holocaust memorial in Arlington Cemetery because the game tells them there's a pokemon there to find. Really? What is wrong with people - you players and game programmers?! It's an effing memorial to Holocaust victims!

As well, in the U.S., people are bursting into hospitals (I heard an operating room) looking for a pokemon! Let's kill the patient with your nerd germs!

Look... Pokemon Go seemed like a great concept, but apparently people aren't responsible enough to create it properly or to use it properly.

You can't be a great pokemon trainer if you don't respect others in your surroundings. 

Andrew Joseph
PS: Thanks Vinnie! I snorted coffee OUT of my nose when I saw this!
PPS: Yes, I wrote all this after I published... I felt guilty for not explaining the context of the joke. 
PPPS: Yup... I wrote the last four paragraphs (and first two paragraphs) with my second amendment. It's getting worse. 

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