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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blog Update - Oh Those Russians

The past week or so, the blog has been doing better visitor-wise, thanks to the fact that Russia now appears to be letting its populace on the Internet read what it wants.

There were months recently where I had zero Russian click thrus on the blog, and it showed with my monthly visitor numbers. The same for China… I had one day where I had 300 hits from China… and then… nothing. Was it something I said? Come one, China - let the people through. I like China… I eat Chinese food a couple of times a week… it’s my comfort food, seeing as how Japanese food is so damn expensive here in Canada.

Congratulations to Russia for hitting and wildly surpassing the 50,000 hit mark (in total) for visits to Japan—It’s A Wonderful Rife.

They were the ninth country to do so, and thanks to the massive influx of Russia hits this week, they even overtook the Australian contingent to move up into eighth place.

Blog hits by country:
  1. United States of America: 972,223
  2. Canada: 246,225
  3. Japan: 114793
  4. United Kingdom: 105,999
  5. Indonesia: 90,986
  6. Germany: 56,668
  7. France: 57,086
  8. Russia: 55,778
  9. Australia: 54,473
  10. Singapore: 20,367
There are plenty of other countries, of course, that visit, including in the past two hours: India, United Arab Emirates and Italy. though I suspect that almost everything from India is just to try and drop SPAM comments into the site—which is usually blocked by

I check for SPAM regularly, too. You have to if you run a blog. the SPAM I usually get involves those trying to advertise porn or escort sites, plus those who want to tell a story about how some fortune teller saved their marriage. No! You and your significant other save your marriage, if it’s in the cards.

I rarely get visitors from Africa, but it happens - usually from Egypt. Same for South America.

I know I once got a few hits from Antarctica, which is fascinating. Who knew penguins had wi-fi? Maybe they just have wi, because I know penguins can’t fi.

Okay, I’ll end this blog on that lame wordplay.

Thanks for your continued support.

Dasvidanya baby,
Andrew Joseph

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