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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Coca-Cola Japan Celebrates Rio and Tokyo Olympics

Good news Coke drinkers of Japan... I'm sure you may have already seen these in the stores: two Coca-Cola bottles celebrating the Rio 2016 Olympics and the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

No... they aren't as spectacular as the 2016 Japan New Year's celebratory bottles - see HERE, but they do have their charm.

A golden background for the Rio Olympics that come first this summer, and a silver background for the next Olympics in Tokyo.

The fact that both bottles are understated is a nice change of pace created by Coca-Cola Japan, in my opinion.

They could have decorated each bottle with symbols of the host country and nation... but really... it's been done to death in Japan.

What could they do with Rio - placed images of mosquitoes perched atop large-breasted women in a feathery costume... ditch the mosquito and I would drink from that.    

That brings me to a point about those 2016 New Years celebratory bottles depicting a woman in a kimono, Mt. Fuji, and koi in a pond—I know the Japanese love Japan, but aren't they getting a wee bit tired of seeing the same old iconography over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. And over. Question mark.

Like holy crap... give it an effing break already.

However... as a foreigner to Japan and its culture, the iconography works! I live in Canada, I'm hardly inundated with graphics of Mt. Fuji and kimono-clad women... though I do have a goldfish aquarium... but I'm not feeling inundated.

Anyhow... I am unsure if any other varieties of Coca-Cola are getting the Olympic treatment, but I am pretty sure this is the labeling for the main Coke brand.

Andrew "Would Like To Buy The World A Coke" Joseph


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