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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Heads Up On What Pokémon Go Can Do

While Japan waited in anticipation of the release of Pokémon Go on July 20, 2016—it was delayed until further notice, owing to an e-mail leak thanks to game sponsor McDonald's Japan. Oops.

McDonalds is the first paying sponsor of the game, effectively turning its 3,000 stores in Japan into “gyms” where players can battle each other.

Anyhow... here’s a couple of interesting facts to keep in mind regarding the Nintendo/Niantic/Pokémon Co. game.

1) Data usage! I’m talking Canada here, but as long as you have a 1GB plan (and excluding me being planless, everyone seems to try and get as much time as possible, or so I hear from others here at work), you should be okay.

People are not spending hours at a time hunting down pokémon… rather it seems like, on average, people are spending about 13 minutes via four sessions a day looking for the elusive pocket monsters.

That works out to approximately 130 sessions a month… keeping in mind that 1BG of data means you could have 3,000 sessions a month (but no other services).

In the U.S. and Germany, number crunchers found that if the average Pokémon Go session lasted about 175 seconds, it would eat up about 300 kilobytes of data.

So… keep that in mind, Japan… and don’t go doing anything stupid like showing up late for work.

2) Battery Drain! Yes, Pokémon Go will eat up your phone’s battery… about 50% faster than when you use Facebook, Google Maps or YouTube… which means you couldn’t play for a long time anyhow. What… you didn’t know that Facebook et al ate up the battery juice faster than a mere phone call?

Battery loss is about 30% per hour.

Keep that in mind if you are out hunting.

3) Be aware of your surroundings. Anyplace that shows a pokémon on private property should be left alone. Also… there are these new, strange things called cliffs… watch you don’t fall off one… and traffic… be aware.
Should you be hunting pokemon like Charazard at a child's death memorial, like the one seen here in Burlington, Ontario, Canada? It's screwed up, people. It's screwed up.
4) Beware of hunting alone at night. Just because you have a nice new phone and are out playing a kid’s game doesn’t mean that the criminal element won’t target you for your nice new phone… or old crappy phone… or your wallet… or just because they are idiots.  

T-Mobile, in the U.S. says that it is planning on offering an unlimited data plan specific to Pokémon Go players. The way that works, is the Pokémon Go download usage is free, but everything else might be higher in costs or have a lower data cap. 

If interested, between now and August 9, 2016, new and old customers can go and download the app.

See T-Mobile site HERE

As for you Japan… keep in mind that two bodies were stumbled across by Pokémon Go players… people have been mugged, assaulted, hit by cars, plunged off cliffs, defiled a holocaust museum… oh, and cause data servers to crash.

Patience, Master Ketchum, patience.
Andrew “Brock” Joseph

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