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Monday, July 11, 2016

Japan—It's A Wonderful Rife Turns 7

Today, July 11, 2016, is the seventh anniversary of this blog.

While proud of the longevity—it means I haven't grown bored of the subject (as if!), and that there is plenty of material to write about—I am actually more proud of the fact that I haven't missed a single day of posting a blog since...

... dammit... February 15, 2011.

That's a long frickin' time.

I mean, with very few exceptions, I can hardly ever be accused of simply mailing it in, writing far too many words in an effort to ensure that when I present a topic, all of the questions are answered.

Sometimes, you readers provide the answers - but someone has to ask the right questions. Case in point: HERE. See the comments section.

Anyhow... thanks to the people in LinkedIn who took the time to say Congrats... without them, I wouldn't have remembered.

Shouldn't LinkdIn remind YOU of your anniversaries? Whatever. It's cool.

As usual, I am available for writing chores, promotions, taste tests, book reviews et al.

I've received writing work and books to read out of doing this gig - so that's wonderful. I don't have ads - and don't feel the need for them.

The minute I do place ads on this blog, it'll feel like work... and I only do this blog because it feels like fun. I hope you don't mind.

Thanks to you, oh faithful reader (singular) for allowing me the opportunity to keep producing this blog.

I always said I would continue writing as long as there was one other person besides myself that was reading this.

More than a few of you every day readers are the ones to blame.

Thanks for taking the blame!

HERE is a link to my first ever blog back on July 11, 2009.

Seven years on - and I enjoy doing what I'm doing. Without pay.

I'm at 3,211 published posts, 3,209 of which were written by my self by myself. The blog has over 2.6-million views, and I get around 1,500 hits a day. It goes up over 2,000 and down to but never below 1,000 on a daily basis.

I can't figure out why, except that this blog loses readership whenever China or Russia cracks down on foreign Internet usage in their respective countries. 

Despite not creating blogs with outright pornography or NSFW images, I have created and will created from time to time factoids on mature subjects such as: prostitution, adult video industry, female body parts, dating, and even science and technology and art as it relates to something sexual.

These items are popular on the daily hit parade... while more indepth coverage on various Japanese features: such as a history on Japanese robotics, auto industry, Kit-Kats and even Fanta drinks are only mildly popular. 

Trust me... the Kit Kat and Fanta blogs I created are the only blogs on the Internet that offer up such a complete listing of the various flavor varieties of each with photographic proof to back up the claims.

There's a reason why I sometimes spend over 10 hours creating a single blog. I like to be as correct and complete as humanly possible answering as many questions as my brain can fathom—just in case one of you wants an answer to one of those questions.

I do that because I often read a newspaper or magazine article online and find the material presented lacking.

Despite having unlimited space to create material that will answer all the question on a particular topic, digital media is guilty of supporting the myth that people get bored easily and can only handle small doses of any on-line topic.... as though you all have ADHD... or are too stupid to care about anything so the bare facts are all you need.

I don't believe people should be allowed to present articles like that.

I like to present everything I can, and allow the reader to stop when they have had enough. At no time should the reader ever be left wanting. That's the worst thing the media can ever do to its constituency.

Yes, blogs are here to entertain, but also to teach, and hopefully to inspire.

So far, after all these years where I first started It's A Wonderful Rife (original name) as a blog to showcase the 90 columns I had written for the AJET magazine of Tochigi-ken... it's nice when academics or students, celebrity and even a scientist or three will write in to say they enjoyed my write-up, or that I mis-spelled (I can spell... I just can't type) something or to add or subtract from the information I provided.

I love that. 

But sometimes I just love it when a reader stumbles across the blog and writes in to say they enjoyed my style of writing.

Yes... all writers are ego maniacs of various degree.

Thank you for your support.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Image above is of Ultra Seven... the most popular of the various incarnations of the Ultraman television series. I used to watch the ORIGINAL show in reruns as a kid in Grade 4 in the outskirts of Toronto... when I was 7 years old.



  1. Congratulations!

    (And I loved the depth of the KitKat post)

  2. Happy 7th Blogiversary! It's been a fun read.

    I never saw any of the Utraman series, but I do remember avidly watching The Samurai, a Japanese TV Show from the early 1960’s. I found an Aussie youtube documentary on it -- -- a little long, but entertaining (at least to me).

    1. I've never heard of The Samurai... I will check that out! Thanks!

  3. Congrats on your blogiversary buddy. I've been having a blast reading your stuff and I have learned a lot from them. I get into conversations with people I can always pull something from Japan because of you and this blog. I think it's great that you have the type of readership that enjoys your passion for Japan and they want to be a part of that and contribute to your blogs. In other words we made you so dance monkey dance!!!! MuuuaaahahahahahahahahahahahHa!!!!!

    1. This monkey can dance! Thanks, Julien!