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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

KFC Selling Sticky Sweet Sauces In Japan

KFC Japan selling its popular sweet sauce in bottles to customers.

This is proof positive that Kentucky Fried Chicken (aka KFC) is a completely different animal in Japan that it is in North America.

I like KFC, but have found that my dining experience has been shattered by slow customer service at the KFC near me, sometimes being forced to wait 20 minutes for my meal after I ordered and paid for it. Take-out. Sigh.

While most KFC’s I see nowadays are paired up with Taco Bell, the same can not be said to be true in Japan, as it is a strong entity, offering products designed to appeal to the unique tastebuds of the Japanese.

By the way… if I have to hear one more dumbass say that “food is important in my culture” I will have you deported.

Food is important in every culture you snob! It’s important because it keeps us alive. Every culture creates its own dishes…  yes… even Canada and the U.S. Every time we tweak a recipe made famous elsewhere, we have made it something else. 

If you wish to argue the point, it’s like me saying there are only seven types of story out there (crime, love, comedy, etcetera) and after those first seven stories were created everything else has been copied from those original concepts.

It might be correct, but its a pretty damn narrow-minded way of looking at things.

The above diatribe has nothing to do with anyone I know of Japanese extraction.

Nowadays, KFC offers all-you-can-eat fried chicken every Wednesday this summer of 2016 (something they would never dare offer in North America for fear of us eating someone’s farm), but it also has something else.

KFC-style biscuits… which are pretty popular in Japan and the U.S., but not so much in Canada comes with a special sauce in Japan—honey maple.

Now KFC is selling bottles of the stuff to grateful Japanese customers at select locations for ¥500 (~US $4.69) per 230 ml bottle. 

Apparently KFC recommends one use the honey maple sauce on pancakes and toast… which just makes my diabetes blood sugars spike from reading that.

Oh well… I’m not complaining… I liked my sweet stuff once, too, and would have no problem drinking a couple of bottles of that KFC sauce dry. While that never happened, you understand now, why I have Type II diabetes. Though apparently race and genetics plays a large role in that, too.


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