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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Babymetal - Effing Awesome

Sexy raunch.

You might think I’m talking about sex, but no… not really… I’m gonna talk about Babymetal, Japan’s amazing music combo that blends real heavy metal music with J-Pop songstresses and comes out like… well, sexy raunch.Yes.. I know I am making up words and phrases.

At first blush I heard the music and had my mind and ears blown… the band can really play… and then I heard the female singers and admittedly... cringed.

I recall letting a Japanese teacher listen to a CD I had of Canadian power trio Rush… and he said he liked the music but didn’t like the wail of the singer.

Fair enough. He tried. So I did, too with Babymetal.

I kept listening… and was glad I did. I like sexy raunch.

I like powerful music. The more pompous and arrogant the better. probably fits my ego-maniacal personality.

Then again… I mistakenly liked AKB48… so what the fug do I know?

Maybe that’s why this worked for me.

Imagine that you area attending a Tokyo Fashion show… the models are all hot little female dolls, with cute little smiles and perfect little hair and make-up… wearing fashions you think are sexy hot but damn... you probably would be a little embarrassed if your wife, girlfriend or mistress was actually wearing that out in public for you. In the boudoir - sure…unless you are 19 years-old, of course.

The song Karate was released in 2016.

Give Me Chocolate was released in 2014.

Why do you really like Give Me Chocolate - because you really want chocolate.

I really like the frenetic image of the singers who  do some sexy dancing, then some speedy but apro po speed singing at the 45-second mark.

Ah… it reminds me of my days in Japan back when I was listen to Rob Zombie for the first time… my hair was long… untethered by a ponytail… I was headbanging and twirling my head around to make my hair spin like a whirling dervish… it was great. I awoke the next day with a very sore neck. Never did that again… but I did have my headbanging day.

Babymetal is a J-Pop trio who have joined forces with mega powerful Japanese heavy metal group Kami Band. In Japanese, ‘kami’ means ‘God”.

The thing with the Kami Band, is that they seem to have a non-fixed roster… kind of like AKB48…

Still, Kami Band consists of (surname first): Ohmura Takayoshi on guitar; Leda on guitar, because with heavy metal you have to have a lot of guitars, BOH on bass guitar, Hideki Aoyama on drums, but can also include Fujioka Mikio (guitar), Maeta Yuya (drums) and Usami Hidefumi (program… which I think mans he programs in some wicked electronica… but I could be wrong).

First impression aside - these guys know how to play heavy metal!
The guitar work and drumming is superb.

As for the girls… they are teenagers!

Singers are:
  • Nakamoto Suzuka (中元 すず香) aka Su-metal, born December 20, 1997 in Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken;
  • Mizuno Yui (水野 由結) aka Yuimetal, born June 20, 1999 somewhere in Kanegawa-ken;
  • Kikuchi Moa (菊地 最愛) aka Moametal, born July 4, 1999 in Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken.
Nakamoto Suzuka
Suzuka… her talent agency in 2008 formed a girl group called Karen Girl’s (yeah, the apostrophe placement in confusing to me)… a group that was called the little sister of woman trio Perfume (they are pretty good, too). Anyhow, Karen Girl’s did some theme songs for the animated show Zettai Karen Children, but when the show ended in 2009, so too did the group.

FYI: Zettai Karen Children (絶対可憐チルドレン Zettai Karen Chirudoren, lit. Absolutely Lovely Children) is a Japanese shōnen manga by Siina Takashi about three young problem girls with outstanding psychic powers and a young man with no special powers at all tasked to guide them properly while dealing with all the commotions they cause, including their obvious infatuation with him.

In 2010 through 2013, Suzuka was part of Sakura Gakuin - another group created by the talent agency. However, when she graduated from real Junior High School, the middle school group disbanded.     

But.. at the same time - 2010… Suzuka and some of the other girls formed a heavy metal music club…. releasing songs under the name of Babymetal.

I would kill for a photo of Mizuno Yui actually looking her current age. I think she's 13 here.
As for Mizuno… she joined Sakura Gakuin when she was 11, the same time as the 13-year-old Suzuka.

Because these groups were prefabricated by talent agencies, each could go and work with other members  - like school clubs… and Mizuno joined Kikuchi as members of something called a ‘Baton Club’ that formed Twinklestars… which is so cute sounding I vomited a little in my mouth. Bitter lemons.

Anyhow… when the heavy metal club was formed by the Amuse talent agency, all three joined it… admittedly none of the three even knew what heavy metal was at that time.

Thank goodness Kikuchi Moa looks her age!
All three young women consider themselves to be: idol, singer, model. Hey… then can call themselves whatever the heck they like.

I found the Babymetal routine quite enjoyable… and if I was a young, impressionable teenager, I would buy their music. But since I’m not, I can secretly watch their music videos on YouTube… which, now that I’ve written it down, sounds a lot more perverted than I meant it to be.

Gimme chocolate Pez!
Andrew Joseph  
Thanks to Julien for the heads up!

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