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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Back To The Past - Again

Let me tell you a secret… I’ve been re-reading my old blogs lately. Holy crap! I was writing some real exciting stuff.

The reason I was rereading things wasn’t out of ego—though I can easily see how that might be the case. No, rather Vinnie—a friend and reader of blogs—mentioned to me how another blogger had awoke one morning to find his life’s work for the past nine years wiped off this internetly (I made that word up) mortal coil.

How it happened isn’t the point… needless to say he didn’t do anything to warrant it, and he didn’t have a back-up, and yes, the bog domain owner acknowledged an error.

Big whoop, eh?

I, myself, accidentally wiped out another blog I was writing - some 200 blog entries that over an 18-month period was about to crack 1-million hits… far faster than what i was doing here on Japan —It’s A Wonderful Rife.  Then again… more people seemed to have interested in sex than in Japan, which is also the case for the young adults of Japan. Sadly.

I did have a few back-ups… fewer than 20, I think… but what can one do. We suspect the blog was running its course anyway.

As for Japan —It’s A Wonderful Rife… I have some 3,300+ postings. That’s a lot of time and effort put into this blog, for no pay except the knowledge that some people seem to like it, and that I have made a few internet friends in the process that seem to know more about me than people in the real world - if you know what I mean.

I’ve been copy and pasting material from each of these blogs - and man… even if I can do three a minute… its gonna take a while.

I’m mid-way through 2013, so the battle is half-won.

The problem is… I am right at that point in my blog writing where Noboko and I have our first date, and I couldn’t help myself… I had to read more and more of those stories… and wow, was that a fugged up time of my life.

And seeing all of those photos of her again...

It was tough to live through those times, sometimes... and it was more difficult to recount them here in this blog... it's a good thing I don't really feel much of anything these days...

Except... I did feel a bit of excitement as I sat down to reread:

Everybody Knows What Happens On The Third Date

... because... yeah... fun stuff happens on a third date, usually. It did for me... but... I couldn't recall what this particular day in the rife was like (at this time)... so I read it.

It made my brain hurt. A lot. I don't like it when my brain hurts.

Looking through my blog, I found it difficult to find all of those diary entries of mine… and while I am writing them (some of them) out for a possible book, do you think I should go back and rename all of those old diary chapters to make it easier for people?

To be honest, I don’t know if anyone is reading those old diary entries anymore…. even though many are dynamite!

Ah me…

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

The point is, I had those times.

But dammit, it makes me nostalgic. It makes me wonder… what if… what would things be like for me now. I wouldn’t know any of you, that’s for sure. Or maybe I would. It is a small world after all.

Anyhow… that’s where my head is right now. Kindda here.. kindda then.

Back soon… maybe.
Andrew Joseph

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