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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Godzilla Haiku 14 And Ramen Gojiro

I'm so hungry now!
I'd kill for a cheeseburger
Or a ramen shop.

Ah, me. I haven't done a Godzilla haiku in ages!

For a haiku, a three-line Japanese poem, the first and third lines are five syllables in length, while the second line if a whopping seven syllables.

Of course, with a Godzilla haiku—an unnatural force of nature—I believe the symmetry of the words and cadence should tell a brief story capturing a moment in time of the King of the Monsters.

Pretty much for all of the Godzilla haiku I have decomposed over the past five years, I do not necessarily write as though I am Godzilla... no.

I write as though I am the man inside the original Godzilla suit used in the plethora of kaiju (huge monsters) movies. A man driven insane from the toxic fumes given off by the rubbery costume... a man consumed with the passion of stomping model buildings... a man who thinks like a man would inside a Godzilla costume if Godzilla were real. A... ah, forget it.

It took 12 seconds to write this Godzilla haiku, and 30 minutes to investigate and write this blog.

As wit most things I do here, I write, then research. Sometimes I begin writing BEFORE I finish researching, which can lead to a whole different type of blog.  

Check out the photo above... I almost missed it.. Ramen Gojiro? Godzilla in Japanese is Gojira... ah, not oh.

But the place has a non-copyrighted image of Godzilla in silhouette on it? Just what is going on here? It must be non-copyrighted... why the fug would the Godzilla owners let anyone use the Godzilla symbol?

I actually like the image... a silhouette of Godzilla on a red circle - like the flag of Japan... but also like the symbol for Jurassic Park - though the main critters are facing the opposite direction... and one is a skeleton, and the other something not Godzilla, but rather something similar to Godzilla. Holy smokes... that's a lot of things to have it look like.  

Anyhow... Ramen Gojiro is a real restaurant chain... this one in the photo above is the first of its kind in Canada... Vancouver to be exact.

501 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 1Y4, Tel: 604-673-0918 - website below.

Anyhow... when it comes to Ramen Gojiro, it specializes in jiro-style (oh, I get it), which is also known as gatsuri-style, ramen. This style of ramen boasts voluminous amounts of noodles and toppings and is wildly popular in Japan. So portions large enough to satisfy even a Godzilla? Oh, I get it. So... Ramen Gojiro is a part of the parent company, Menya Kouji Group.

Man... staring at the photo made me hungry as a radioactive lizard. And the ramen at Ramen Gojiro looks delicious - I checked out their website. I hate Vancouver.

Ramen Gojiro website HERE.

Andrew Joseph
Image above... that's from:   
PS: My hate for Vancouver stems only for jealousy over the location of the Ramen Gojiro restaurant. I drove to Vancouver with my pal Rob once. Beautiful city. Nice people. Okay weather. Hate your hockey and CFL football teams, however. No opinion about the soccer team, but man, what happened to the Grizz? That was sad.    


  1. I tell everyone else to resist the urge to click on a link because the internet is a deep, dank, dirty place (really -- I do tell people this), but I myself could not resist the link to the Ramen Gojiro website. And now I'm soooo hungry. I should have resisted. Your haiku speaks to my soul ... or my gut actually. ;-)

    1. Hopefully you gave in and went and got something similar! Street meat for me today.