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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Japan At The Rio 2016 Olympics

Okay... so the opening ceremonies for the Rio 2016 summer Olympic Games are going on as I type this. They said it would be cool, and so far... it is cool.

There was a beautiful homage to the influx of immigrants to Brazil (including African slaves), peoples from the middle east and Japan... for which Brazil apparently has the second largest populace of Japanese outside of the islands of Japan.

Then they honored Albert Santos-Dumont a pioneer of aviation of whom I have written a few words... the Brazilians claim he flew before the Wright Brothers in a heavier-than-air aeroplane... but he crashed. Uh, sorry Brazil... he may have achieved flight, but he crashed, meaning it was not controlled. And yes... someone came up with these rules after the fact...

So... Olympics and athletics... Japan... Pioneers of Aviation - my other cool blog (HERE, HERE and HERE)... if they only had something with a sexy woman.... oh crap... there's Mrs. Tom Brady walking down the stage while The Girl From Ipanema song wafts down upon sultry wings from the heavens.

Heck - we're only 30 minutes in and it has everything I like.

Okay, it doesn't have comic books... but give'em time.

Everyone... take some time out over the next few weeks and cheer on the amateur athlete as they compete against so many bloody professionals.

Ah, regardless... just enjoy the sports and athletes and hope the world doesn't become more stupid in the interim. You know what I mean.

Me? The boy has baseball tournaments all weekend... I had to miss Friday's opening game for work. Ugh.

Andrew Joseph

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