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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Japanese Gymnast Catches Heavy Phone Bill In Rio Playing Pokemon Go

In an effort to ‘catch’em all’ Japanese gymnast Uchimura Kohei (surname first), a threat to win Olympic gold at Rio 2016 has been training the city in advance of the games.

He's also been playing a wee bit of Pokemon Go... the augmented reality video game where you physically track pokemon in your local area and capture them for your battling pleasure.

Anytime I see someone with their head down staring at their phone while walking aimlessly anywhere, I immediately think they are playing Pokemon Go

Anyhow... while attempting to capture such ‘stunning’ wild pokemon as Magikarp, Probopass and Smeargle (a painting beagle… really, Pokemon Co.??!!), Uchimura forgot that when one travels to another country, there’s such a thing as ‘roaming charges’.

That’s how he was issued a ¥500,000 (US$4,900) mobile phone bill.

Now, while many telecommunications carriers might make a big deal of it—most will not, and will work with you to reduce your bill to something more manageable… after all, they don’t want to lose you as a customer and go to (dun-dun-dunnnnnn!)… the competition. 

So… Uchimura was instead provided with a back-dated travel plan for ¥3,000 (US$30)/day all-you-can-play, er… use. 

Uchimaru is a six-time world champion gymnast, and the reigning gold medalist in the Men’s All-Round Gymnastics arena.

Should you be so interested—and why not? Gymnasts are probably the pound-for-pound strongest most fit athletes—here's Uchimura's schedule:
  • Gymnastics · Men's individual all-around · Saturday, August 6; 
  • Gymnastics · Men's pommel horse · Saturday, August 6;
  • Gymnastics · Men's vault · Saturday, August 6;  
  • Gymnastics · Men's horizontal bar · Saturday, August 6; 
  • Gymnastics · Men's parallel bars · Saturday, August 6; 
  • Gymnastics · Men's team all-around · Saturday, August 6;
  • Gymnastics · Men's floor exercise · Saturday, August 6;
  • Gymnastics · Men's rings · Saturday, August 6.
Uh... I think everything begins on Saturday, August 6.

Andrew Joseph

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