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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Star Wars Rogue One: Japanese Movie Trailer

I’m a Star Trek and Star Wars fan - I mean, I just love a good sci-fi story.

Sadly, in my opinion, the third take on the revived Star Trek movies was very good for a television episode, but so-so for a movie blockbuster.

Star Wars… well… depending on whom one talks to, had three good movies (Episodes IV, V, VI), three dull and dismal affairs (Episodes I, II, II), and nice bounce back with Episode VII…  though some like my buddy Matthew question why so many lane jokes needed to be in the movie, and even why we needed Princess Leia and Han Solo… and yeah, why did we?

I read the comic books (once official canon according to God, er George Lucas, and have known for 20 years, that Han and Leia have twins (boy and a girl), and are the beginning of the Jedi (and the Light) making a comeback in that galaxy far, far away and still a long time ago…

The Star Wars universe has always been a marketing strategy juggernaut above anything else. Anyone else recall that strange creature in the Mos Eisely Cantina in Episode IV? No? Well now you can with his action figure.

It’s okay, I’m part of that. I was part of some fan club and purchased five members of the Cantina band (w/instruments), own a ghost (see-thru) version of Ben Kenobi, have Luke wearing an Imperial helmet and costume, and even have a Luke in black outfit that was given away to 10,000 people when Episode VI opened up in LA at some theater.

I also have two original Millennium Falcon star ships… one with original box (opened, though). Oversized, proximity action piggy banks, boxes and boxes of unopened characters, vehicles and scenes from the release of stuff in the early 1990s. plus lots of original action figures, scenes and vehicles from the original release. 

And I don’t even collect! At least I don’t think I do. I don’t ever recall going out of my way to purchase anything that I thought would be valuable, like I do with comic books… though I have to be able to enjoy what I’m collecting… I don’t get any joy from my Star Wars stuff. Never played with. Never displayed. I took over stuff my brother left behind and put it carefully aside.

Anyhow… as you should know, Star Wars is bringing out two more movies of its nine-part trilogy… something that Lucas had mentioned as his plan all the way back in the 1970s.

Oh yeah - I also have a first edition hard cover Star Wars novel with dust jacket written by Lucas. I swear I don’t collect Star Wars.

While the last two movie parts are a good five years away or so, in an effort to capitalize on the still large potential of the Star wars name, they will be releasing several movies that will independently stand, but are still part of the Star Wars canon and mythos.

The first movie is Star Wars Rogue One. In the first Star Wars movie (Episode IV), these were the fighter pilot squadron that somehow got their hands on the evil Empire’s construction plans for the Death Star 1.0… enabling those lovable Rebels to realize that s single torpedo in an air hole could potentially take out the entire planet killer. Poor Alderaan.

That’s what Star Wars Rogue One is about. And it looks good. Solid. Less childlike than some of the franchise’s recent efforts.

To celebrate, they released a trailer:

And then they released a slightly different one for Japanese audiences:

Since no one asked, in my opinion, Episodes I, II, III were criticized too harshly. Yeah, little Darth seems a bit stiff… the Jedi Council seem like pricks (which is what led to their downfall - pride) … and there was far too many scenes depicting boring Senate posturing. It also needed Natalie Portman wearing something skimpy. Just a wee bit of leg. Ankle even. She has nice ankles. Jar-Jar Binks… yeah… too stupidly annoying, but that’s okay. Me-sa tink he okie-dokie, numba one. He’s just continuing the tradition of aliens talking funny.

Recall how all the Warner Brothers characters from the Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies all had speech impediments - except Bugs… but he had a Brooklyn/Bronx accent… and Yosemite Sam, but he was vertically challenged and always wore a mask.

Disney? Squeaks, fer gawrsh sakes, and a duck that nobody understand. Goofy’s a dog (he was originally named Dippy Dawg) and he can talk, but Pluto the dog can’t. Weird stuff.

Anyhow… Star Wars… it’s just a story, folks. Enjoy it while you can, should we all live long enough.

Live long and prosper - d’oh - wrong one!

Oh well, the sentiment remains,
Andrew Joseph
PS: Image at top by Jonathan Olley©Lucasfilm LFL 2016.

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  1. I myself trying to grasp the fact why people hated the movie so much. It has a strong plot and stands out on its own way. i LOVE that movie.

    Btw,have you Heard of the story of Darth Plegues the wise? — BUT it's dubbed by Japanese Google? check this out :p