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Monday, August 1, 2016

Zettai Ryōiki

Effing Japanese have a term for everything.

I’m keeping this strictly as commentary at women’s fashion. Women. Not teenagers. Not girls. Women.

It’s something I noticed even before I went to Japan... back when I was a teenager... and it is something I have always liked…

Zettai ryōiki.

The Japanese note this as the area of bare skin that’s in the gap between the over-the-knee sock and the skirt or shorts.

Now… I’ve never cared for over-the-knee socks and shorts, so I’m going to discount that.

To be honest… I think I actually prefer the look to be over-the-knee boots and a gap of skin, but potatoe, potatoh.

Crap… the Japanese don’t have a term for the boot look, do they? If they do, I can’t find it here at work without getting myself in trouble.

I’m not making up this stuff, but here’s what I found on Wikipedia

The ideal ratio of the length of the miniskirt, the exposed portion of thigh, and the over-knee part of the socks is often considered to be 4:1:2.5 with a tolerance of 25%.
Zettai ryōiki fans classify it by visible bare skin area, that depends on height of the socks and length of the skirt. Zettai ryōiki is graded from grade E (too much leg is seen, the skirt is also too long) to grade A (short skirt, high socks, short exposed area)

Fans? Holy crap. Do these guys get together and discuss on forums the parameters of acceptable thigh gap? Again… I am talking about skin showing on the thigh.

I would never join and club that would have me as its member.

That was an apt paraphrase of a quote from Groucho Marx. If you think he invented marxism, he didn’t… he invented Groucho Marxism.

Anyhow… I do enjoy zettai ryōiki. Or at least I did. I don’t know if I do now. Part of the problem is that anyone who would wear that style now is young enough to be my daughter… my fifth daughter…


Oh well… forget everything I wrote above - and don't even look at any of the photos I posted.

I said don't.

No really. Don't.

Did you know that the Japanese have a phrase to describe the area of bare skin that’s in the gap between the over-the-knee sock and the skirt or shorts?

Yup… it’s called zettai ryōiki.

Somewhere an ambulance stopped with a jerk and I got out,
Andrew Joseph
PS: All images from
May is the model - and she's gorgeous.

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