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Monday, September 19, 2016

America Is One-In-A-Million

There’s nothing wrong with pandering to people, especially when it’s necessary.

The United States of America continues to show it has great taste, with its one millionth visit to this blog , Japan—It’s A Wonderful Rife.

All I can say is “thanks, you Yankee Doodle dandies!”

The U.S. continues to lead the way in readership of this blog with over 15,000 views per month.

I blush in your general direction.

Andrew Joseph
PS: BTW, I was kind of surprised that all of the "pin" examples of US flags with Japan and other country's flags, always seemed to have "Old Glory" facing backwards.... a situation easily rectified if you put the other country's flag on the left, and America's on the right... it works easily enough with Japan, Canada and the UK, but may not work as well with Australia, as it also has a left dominated image as the U.S does. 

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