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Friday, September 16, 2016

Häagen-Dazs Sweet Purple Potato Ice-Cream

For all you sweet potato lovers out there, as well as ice-cream screamers, Häagen-Dazs has the perfect solution for your hot vs. cold conundrum.

Because every damn edible food or drinkable beverage in Japan seems to have every flavor in the world you’ve never thought of, Häagen-Dazs has re-released—for a limited time only—its Murasaki Imo flavor, aka Purple Potato.

To me, that would be confusing, because while Häagen-Dazs does indeed mean a purple sweet potato flavor, there are such things as purple potatoes—the regular type, mini heritage spuds that I love to have on my plate creating a purple, creamy mess on my plate with my meat protein products.

First released in Japan in August of 2012 for a limited time, it returned again in 2013 before disappearing from Japanese retail freezers until last week. Apparently it took Häagen-Dazs three years to understand that Murasaki Imo was actually its third-most popular ice-cream ever by the Japanese.

I should point out that the Japanese also like to eat rotting soy beans (natto) and squid guts (shiokara), not to mention poisonous sea fish like the fugu, so one shouldn’t put too much stock in what the Japanese like to cram down their cake hole.

But… we are talking about Häagen-Dazs, a global manufacturer of high-quality and delicious ice creams, so I’m pretty sure you can be sure that your purple sweet potato ice cream is going to taste like a delish spud rather than a dud.

The ice cream will contain the “gentle sweetness of purple potato” with the added value purple potato sauce that looks like the always delicious adzuki red bean topping that, if I wasn’t diabetic now, would make me a diabetic because that stuff is amazingly sweet and tasty.

On sale now, look for the ¥294 tub in grocery stores and convenience stores around the country.

Other interesting (limited time) flavors created by Häagen-Dazs for the Japanese market include: Sakura, Matcha Green Tea Fondu, Chestnut with Adzuki Red Bean, and Salty Vanilla and Caramel.

Should you be in Japan and are able to try the purple sweet potato ice cream—drop us a line and give us your impression.

I would, but I don’t do impressions.

Andrew “I can do 100 voices outside of my head” Joseph
PS: I've eaten Purple Sweeties purple sweet potatoes - delicious, but difficult to find in Toronto... at least at my local national grocer.

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