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Monday, September 26, 2016

Snake On A Mutha-Fuggin’ Train In Japan

With apologies to Samuel Jackson, Japan had a snake on a shinkansen “bullet train” on Monday.

Here’s the thing that was so Japanese, however: After making an unscheduled stop to remove the snake, it left one minute earlier and arrived at its destination exactly on time.

Originally thought to be a python, the snake turned out to be a rat snake only 30 centimeters (12-inches) long.

Found wrapped around a armrest on a super-express bullet train on the JR Tokai (Central Japan Railway Co.), a passenger in a reserved seat was apparently unaware that the rat snake was wrapped around his armrest - possibly for about 50 minutes - until a passenger behind him saw it and notified the conductor.

The snake did not belong to that passenger, and is suspected of having been brought onto the train accidentally in someone else’s luggage or perhaps wit the maintenance equipment.

The train crew made an announcement in the train asking if anyone had lost a snake—but no no one responded… so the unscheduled train stop was made at Hamamatsu-eki (Hamamatsu station) some 25 minutes later.

As mentioned, after the one-minute delay, the train was off and running, arriving on time at Hiroshima-eki (Hiroshima station).

Five years ago, a similar incident occurred with crew spotting a snake on an unoccupied seat.

It’s not know if either snake had purchased a ticket. :) 

The Japanese rat snake (Elaphe climacophora) is a medium-sized Japanese snake known as the aodaishō or "blue general". It is a non-venomous snake... but looking at the photo... it doesn't look blue... maybe a little sad at being stuck in a Tupperware container. 

Andrew “I effin’ hate snakes” Joseph


  1. Bravo Japan's transit system. The freakin GO train yesterday from Union Station to Oshawa was stuck for 3 hours. Engine died apparently and now power which means no air con. I was so pissed because they don't have a set plan for these types of situations. They just do stuff on the fly. They ended up getting a push by another train but they just pushed it to Ajax. I was so pissed because I was with my son and we were waiting to pick her up. Train was supposed to arrive for 5:20pm but we ended up getting her at 9pm. I was so pissed that I started tweeting like a mofo. I was getting some tweets back from the GO transit account but I wasn't haven't it with their excuses and apologies. I even got a few retweets and followers from that. Today they announced that they would refund the trip plus $100 extra. I like to think I helped in that. What was my point? Oh right GO transit couldn't be on time if they were the last thing on earth.

    1. I, too was on a GO Train—towards Georgetown, when it broke down for two hours and had to be pushed to the next station where I called and got a ride home from there.
      Should there be a train in reserve somewhere? I suppose... but how many trains could they have in reserve?
      Your delay of 3 hours is horrible - especially with a kid on board.
      Yeah - Japan's train system and its ability to always be on time is legendary.
      In three+ years there, I knew I could count on the train to arrive exactly on time. I have no idea how they do it. I never saw a train stall. I never saw lights malfunction. I never saw/heard vehicle traffic halt service. I never saw/heard pedestrian accidents cause delays. I never heard/saw medical emergencies delay service.
      That was actually kind of weird, now that I think about it.