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Monday, September 26, 2016

University Sexual Assault Club Gets Suspended Sentence

I am currently reading a book published by Stone Bridge Press called Womansword... which I am pretty sure is meant to be read as 'womans word'... but I think could also be read as 'woman sword', because I think it just might be more appropriate. I’ll provide my thoughts on that when I’m done ready the book in its entirety—but essentially it points out that when you are a woman in Japan, you are a still a second-class citizen.

Case in point, the male-only members of a university molestation club essentially getting a slap on the wrist after a gang-sexual and physical assault of a woman.

We’re not talking about someone with low mental capacity has difficulty distinguishing right from wrong, we are talking about five Japanese men at one of Tokyo’s top universities who thought it would be cool to form a club and sexually-assault women gang-style.

Now… I don’t mean to imply that smart people don’t commit violent crimes. They’re the ones who think they can get away with it.

University of Tokyo student (I assume an ex-student now), 21-year-old Matsumi Kensuke (surname first) brought shame upon himself, his family, his victim and real men everywhere for—with four club cohorts—forcing a female University of Tokyo student to get drunk so that they could then sexually assault her.

Called the (translated) University of Tokyo Birthday Research Group, the club’s goals were to get women drunk and then molest them.

Who the fug has goals like that? How do you find other people who think like that and agree that this is a good idea? Posters put up around the campus? Friendly chatter talking to fellow students at the bar?

Seriously, if I heard something about forming a club that was harmful like that, I’d beat the crap out of them all.

Did not one of these people think - hey, that’s not cool.

And if these people heard about and joined the club, surely someone else who didn’t join, heard about the club.

Was it it all a smokescreen? Did the members who joined the University of Tokyo Birthday Research Group think there was actually going to be scientific research about birthdays, but when they found out it wasn’t thought - what the heck, I’m here anyways, let’s go abuse some women?

The club was formed in April of this year, with what was hopefully (sounds stupid) it’s first and only assault on a woman occurring in May of 2016.

May 11, 2016 - midnight - the group managed to coerce a female student to go with them, where they forced alcohol into he until she was fully intoxicated, forced her to strip.

They then groped her upper body.

They took turns lying atop her back and twisting her face around to kiss her.

Matsumi—along with being the ringleader—was accused of slapping her on the back numerous times, using a hair dryer to blow hot air on her genitals and pouring a cup of hot ramen noodles on her breasts.

I’m a pretty imaginative guy when it comes to consensual sexual relations between myself and a woman, but a cup of ramen noodles?!

That takes time to make. Did Matsumi say - hang on guys - you continue to squeeze and fondle her even while she resists, while I go and make some hot ramen noodles.

Did the others question why he wasn’t making a snack for them? Or did they already figure that Matsumi was a weird fug and that they figured he would pour the hot liquid on her breasts? Did he add the flavor packet? Was he that fugged up? I’m sorry - that sounds insensitive, but I’d like to know just how screwed up this guy’s mind really was.

So… while I am unsure just how long the physical assault continued on this poor person, and if it truly was just relegated to upper body attacks, without penetration of any kind… not that that matters as fare as the abject helplessness the victim felt and probably still feels, we can rest assure that Japan’s fantastic justice system will make things better.

Oh wait… is this the same Justice System that takes into account just how pathetically remorseful one is for he crimes (not helpful if you show defiance because you aren’t actually guilty)?

What did they do now?

Matsumi - the ring-leader - received two years in prison, suspended four years.

Presiding judge Shimada Hajime (surname first), when passing sentence agreed that Matsumi’s behavior was worthy worthy of strong condemnation because it disrespected the victim…

(did you see the …?)

However, judge Shimada says that because Matsumi had shown enough remorse for his actions, there was room for rehabilitation.

On September 20, 2016, another defendant—Komoto Taichi (surname first), 22—who was part of the sexual assault received 18 months in prison, suspended for three years.

Matsumoto Koko is reported to be another club member, standing trial under another judge.

Back in 2006, members of the Kyoto University American football team were convicted of forcing female university students to drink to the point of unconsciousness so they could rape them. Holy fug. What is wrong with people?! Committing a felony with all these witnesses around you… hell, not having the balls to stand up and say this is wrong? Oh that the race of men could sink so low.

Oh… and how about these beauts—the ring leader a former student from the famous Waseda University named Wada Shinchiro (surname first), who formed a rape club known as Super Free. It wasn’t just for one to rape a woman and then brag about it, no, it was the gang-rape mentality.

Should you have the stomach for it, I wrote about the Super Free rape club HERE.

Andrew Joseph
PS: If you are wondering about the photo above, Google "No Not Happy Birthday" and see the Warner Brother's cartoon. It's just about assault, not sexual assault.  

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