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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Video Game Developer Gets Squeezed At Tokyo Trade Show

For video gamers trying out a new VR game—it was all about the chikan—sexual groping.

Maybe I have become a bit more prudish in my age, but needing to play a video game where one gets to grope a mannequin in order to get a reaction from a VR (virtual reality) anime female figure is just plain stupid.

As you can see above (the gamer obviously doesn’t know how to grope - not really), the animated figure in the back (the video game) looks like a high school student.

I understand the difference between fantasy and reality, but I am worried that many people do not.

Not everyone has a firm grasp on reality, as you can see every time you look at the news.

This action at last week’s Tokyo Game Show was actually halted by show organizers probably because they are involved in trade shows, and not specifically just video games.

I like video games. I just bought one for the far superior PS3 system (who wants to pay $80 for a PS4 video game and then have to pay (on-line charges) to play it?

I like women, too, but again who wants to pay to play?

But… when software developer M2 Co had their exhibition booth set up so visitors could snap on a set of VR glasses and then touch the mannequin to make the it seem as though the gamer was successfully grabbing high school girl boob—well… that’s just wrong.

According to M2 Co, the demonstration was to show how it can turn flat images into 3D images… uh… I’m pretty sure that’s been done for many years and years now.

That was their reasoning to create a chikan/molestor video game demonstrator.

And… what is equally disheartening, is the fact that so many people (men) lined up to get their pervert on before complaints caused the demo to be shut down.

Now… lest we jump all over the video game industry, the Tokyo Game Show’s exhibitors—including Sony Corp.—pretty much had just family-rated entertainment in mind, as most companies showed off their VR games and tech.

Although… the Tokyo Game Show did offer up a bunch of scantily-clad women—booth babes—at many exhibitor stands.

Having organized the participation of exhibitors at some 350 different annual trade shows around the world over a 13-year period, I can honestly state that not once had one of my clients ever asked for a booth babe.

I did see a few at a trade show here in Toronto about eight years ago, but that practice is now on the wane.

Hey - I’m all for people earning a few bucks legally dressed up (I would imagine that got its start at auto shows), but there must be better ways.

Sadly at the Tokyo Game Show, touching the mannequin boob was about as close to reality as it was going to get.

Andrew Joseph

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