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Friday, October 21, 2016

6.2M Earthquake Hits West Japan

After a 6.2M earthquake (it could be upgraded to 6.6M) shook the western part of Japan within Tottori-ken (Tottori prefecture) on Friday afternoon 2:10 (Japan time), reports indicate that there is no chance the quake will cause a  tsunami, as it is too far inland.

The earthquake was triggered under Tottori at a depth of 10 kilometers (six miles), and is a shallow depth, as far as earthquakes go.

Reports have come in of seven people injured, zero deaths, with minor damage (relatively speaking) where two houses collapsed, with standard fare of roof tiles off, walls breaking in a few places (older buildings), and the usual stuff falling off shelves.

An NHK news items says a woman was taken to local hospital after oil she was cooking with splashed upon her at a restaurant. 

Let’s not kid ourselves, a 6.6 or 6.2 earthquake is still pretty darn strong.

The earthquake that smashed Christchurch, New Zealand in February of 2011 was a 6.3M.

The epicenter of this Japanese quake was ~700 kilometers (430 miles) west of Tokyo.

Andrew Joseph

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