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Monday, October 24, 2016

Apparent Suicide Blast in Utsunomiya

All I can say, is that if you want to kill yourself, there are better ways to do so than via an explosive.

On Monday morning (Tokyo time) at 11:30AM, multiple explosive blasts rocked Tochigi-ken's capital city of Utsunomiya, killing one person and injuring three - the police believe it's linked to an apparent suicide, as there was an apparent suicide note left at the scene.

The note was found in a house destroyed by the blast and ensuing fire, and belonged to a 72-year-old former member of Japan's Self-Defense Forces.

After the house explosion, two cars in the area also caught fire - one of which is believed to have belonged to the the man.

The blast occurred at 11:31, 11:32 and the final one 15 seconds later.

The explosions seriously hurt two men, with a 14-year-old boy also sustaining leg damage in a nearby park. No-one was injured in the car parking area.

I bring up this story because it's kind of a local story for me, as I lived in Tochigi-ken and frequently visited Utsonomiyashi (city).

In the image above, I like the fact that after an explosive blast or three had gone off, one person can be seen in the far right having a smoke.... cause there's obviously no gas main leak or anything like that.

Andrew Joseph

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