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Monday, October 31, 2016

Best Sweater Ever

Because it's Halloween today, I figure its best we get on with things involving Christmas.

Above is what I consider to be the best sweater ever.

Seriously! Godzilla wearing a Santa hat 9with white fluffy ball at the end), using his radioactive breath to warm the good citizens of... hmmm... let's say Tokyo...delivering ever-lasting joy (no matter how short-lived that might be) to gaijin everwhere!

"That's for making me work on Christmas day! Kill'em all, God! I mean Gojira... er... Godzilla. Ugh... damn... radi... eh... shun..."

While I certainly don't wish ill on the people of Tokyo, or of any of you suffering from radiation sickness from too much Godzilla/Gojira, I do think this is a great sweater and would certainly be very appreciative if anyone were to buy me one (and even better, send me one). I'm a 48" chest... an XL, I suppose.

Happy ho-ho's everyone... and enjoy your Halloween. 

Andrew Joseph
PS: Thanks to Michael P. for the heads up!!

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