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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Just How Big Is The City Of Tokyo?

Ever wonder just how large the city of Tokyo really is? Okay, me either, but when I came across the image above, I was shocked... almost enough to make me want to find out more.


The image shows a superimposed representation of Tokyo on main island of Great Britain, with the size of England's capital city of London (and my place of birth) placed conveniently within a red oval. 

For the record, Tokyo is the current capital of Japan. It's former name was Edo, changed in 1869, after the then-17-year-old Emperor Meiji moved to the city, and in accordance the city was renamed Tokyo (meaning Eastern Capital).

Metro Tokyo is:
  • 13,572km2 (5,240 square miles) - Metropolis 2,187.66km2 (844.66 square miles);
  • 37,800,000 people as of 2015 - Metropolis 13,617,445 people.
Andrew Joseph

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