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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mount Fuji Postcard - Bird's Eye View

Here's is a real photograph postcard of Mount Fuji given to me by my buddy Vinnie.

The stamp on the back shows the date 28.8.7., which is the year, and month/day or day/month.

The year, however, is not 1928. The Japanese use the date of the current Emperor's reign to denote the year, though nowadays, they also use the current Gregorian calendar, so they are all aware that it is now 2016.

But which 28th year of Emperor reign is the postcard from?

I wondered if it could be from the 28th year of the Meiji Emperor, which would make it 1895.

However, a quick perusal of the use of real photographs as postcards did not occur until a few years later.

According to "Though the first documented photo postcard was mailed in 1899, the style wasn’t firmly established until Eastman Kodak began selling Velox photo paper with a pre-printed postcard back in 1902."

The next Emperor with a 28+-year reign is Emperor Showa (the son of Emperor Taisho, who was the son of Emperor Meiji).

The 28th year of Showa's reign puts this card at 1951.

All of this means that me wanting to do a simple posting of an image of Mount Fuji showing an image I bet none of you have seen before was again a mini, magical mystery tour.

Andrew Joseph

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