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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The World's Freakiest Ride

I think anything that affords a view like the one in the photo above is kind of freaky-scary.

Now look at the rusted areas of track and pillar and tell me your confidence level doesn't become a tad more shaken.

Now look at how the travelers are precariously perched and wonder just how one's foreign buttocks would sit upon the mind-numbing conveyance.

And what would happen if you got a muscle cramp. It isn't going to happen to me, and my toned legs, but say someone else other than you, because I'm sure all my loyal readers are kick-ass individuals.

You're all individuals! (I'm not).  

Anyhow, this freaky thing in the photo above is the Skycycle, a pedal-powered WTF ride that is better known as the 鷲羽山ハイランドの恐怖のスカイサイクル, aka the Skycycle of fear of Washuzan Highland. Of course, that's just a translation of that Japanese a couple of lines up.

Located at the Brazilian Washuzan Highland Park in Kurashiki, Okayama-ken, Japan the Skycycle is a rollercoaster... except that rider is pedaling themselves about the raised, narrow track... raised up, up and holy crap up above the safety of the ground.

The park is a Brazilian-themed park, which sadly has nothing to do with wax jobs.

Anyhow... at least you are securely strapped in onto the bicycle right? Sure... if you consider one flimsy seat belt.

Oh, and there's a very cool pink basket in front of the steering wheel you don't need (you are on rails!).

Do I want to ride the Skycycle? You had me at 'emasculation'.

How ugly is this ride? See for yourself on this YouTube video: 

While that Golden Gate-esque bridge in the background looks like it might be a part of the ride, it's merely an optical illusion.

Okay... there are just so many things wrong with the photo below!

  1. Who the fug is wearing purple pants?!
  2. Okay, that's pretty much it, as I've covered the rest of the things wrong with the ride already. Seriously. Is this Bruce Banner on the Skycycle? Careful, we don't want to make him so angry  he Hulk's out! 
  3. Oh all right. Look... my photos of Japan are all pre-digital camera, but what about this image from an unknown source? Granted the image quality isn't the best for whatever reason, but the rails below are out of focus... it's can take 100 photos until you get one you like.
  4. Okay... I'll cut the photographer some slack. If that was me up there and I tried to take a photo, we would see vomit splortching downward to those suddenly stupid people below.    
Joseph smash and barf!
Andrew "I am wearing a purple shirt right now, but that's just stylish" Joseph

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