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Friday, November 4, 2016

Great Godzilla T-Shirt

I recently gave my opinion on the Best Sweater Ever! - HERE, but how about the best T-shirt ever?

Okay… maybe not the best ever… how about one of the best t-shirts ever, in my opinion?

Godzilla meets E.T.?

Although Elliot and E.T. have both been snagged on the full moonlight by Godzilla, and are going to die, there is a bright side to the whole thing.

With the death of E.T. and the non-long-distance phone call for the little extra terrestrial to ‘phone home’, the movie would have ended on a downer, which would have meant that Atari would not have been part of one of the largest commercial failures in video gaming history, that not only led to the near collapse of Atari, but to the collapse of the video game industry as a whole in 1983.

Apparently after finally negotiating the rights to produce a video game, Atari Inc. gave designer Howard Scott Warshaw just five weeks to create the game and get it ready for the 1982 Christmas rush—after all, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was one of the most popular movies of all time.

Let me state up front, that I have never seen ET. Really. I was a teenager and wanted no part of some sappy monster movie. I want horror! Death! Destruction!

Anyhow… I don’t know if you are aware, but five weeks is not nearly enough to produce a video game of any quality.

And, the E.T. The Extra Terrestrial video game for the Atari 2600 (never had one… I did have an Atari 400 and Atari 130XE computer at around that time, however) truly did suck. Sucked donkeys. I don’t even know what that means.

With millions of ET video games produced for the expected sales crush, donkey review after donkey review read by players everywhere ensured that the millions of video game cartridges would go unsold.

To rectify this problem, Atari did what any sane company would do—it buried the problem. Literally. It buried millions of E.T. cartridges in an Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill, along with some other titles that didn’t sell.

So… imagine if that T-shirt had actually intruded on that sappy Steven Spielberg E.T. flick….  horror! Death! Destruction! all of which would have scared kids so much that they would never had bought a game based on E.T., which Atari would have realized and thus could have saved itself and the video game industry.

I should note that as of 1983 when the video game industry crashed, I was in university and no longer playing video games at the arcades. That was on me. My bad.

Andrew Joseph

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