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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Become A Giant Schoolgirl And Smash Tokyo

Have you ever wanted to be like Godzilla and stomp all over buildings and destroy helicopters and airplanes?

Sure... I suppose.

Have you ever wanted to smash Tokyo as a giant schoolgirl?

Not really, though I did dress up as one for Halloween a couple of times, once in Toronto where I scared the crap out of a male co-worker who thought I was a hooker grabbing him, and once in Japan for a party.

Fortunately, I have the legs to pull it off. Much better than what is offered in the screen capture above.

Anyhow, Japanese video game developer Cave has released a trailer for its upcoming VR (virtual reality) game called A.I am Monster where you, the giant robotic schoolgirl get to rampage through Tokyo destroying as much of the city as you can to rack up the points while blocking rocker launching missiles from helicopters.

It looks like fun. You have VR gear on your head and on your arms as you swat at buildings and copters... you can even grab a helicopter and throw it at tanks trying to blow you up from under your school girl skirt.

And it all happens while Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries blares at you. The music has long been my favorite classical piece.

It's a funny trailer - especially when you see the guy in the bottom right corner dress up as a Japanese high school girl and then put on the VR gear.

Cave has not said which game system will be required for its A.I am Monster game, but the trailer shows the HTC Vive, meaning it has motion control support... so maybe Oculus Touch and or Sony PlayStation Move for PlayStation VR.

Cave says the game will be available to Japanese audiences sometime in 2017... but not information is available to know if they are making a version for western audiences.

I tweeted to them that if they do create a similar version for western audiences that they create a four-year-old boy in a department store.

I'm sure any parent of a four-year-old can agree that major carnage can occur in that situation.

A.I am Monster... destroying Tokyo is such a Japanese thing... perhaps inspired by WWII and the Americans. 

Andrew Joseph
PS: Thanks Matthew for the heads-up!

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