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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Domino’s Japan Uses Reindeer Delivery

File under WTF Japan, Domino’s Japan is using reindeer to deliver pizza during this upcoming winter season in Hokkaido.

Okay... it has horns, and probably some sort of nostril lighting system, but does it have a license plate?

Now... in case you aren’t aware, Hokkaido during the winter season is snowy… lots of snow… I mean it looks like the kind of place where you might want to have a snowmobile when you ride across the town to visit Santa’s workshop. That kindda snowy.

Below is an official Domino’s Japan videos showing the Domino team trying to train the reindeer to act like a pack mule, with the fat heat-sealing-in pizza boxes slapped on either side of the poor unnamed reindeer.

So… since that didn’t seem to work… I think the reindeer has too much jiggle in his walk causing the pizza box to fall off.

Uh, so I guess this means no TIP?

The Domino’s Japan crew then decided to attach a sleigh to him and have him cart the pizzas.

Strangely enough, the reindeer seemed more comfortable doing that.

Sadly, this was just a publicity stunt - and a good one at that!

Reindeer will not be delivering your pizza to your Hokkaido residence.

Andrew Joseph
PS: A Joke:
An American couple are traveling in Russia circa 1990, taking in the Moscow sights.
Rob looks up at the dark clouds and says to his wife Darlene: “Hmm… I think it’s going to snow.”
A comment that makes their tour guide Rudolph pipe up: “Nyet. Not snow. Rain.”
Rob: “No, I’m pretty sure it’s going to snow!”
Rudolph: “Nyet! Rain!”
Rob's wife, wanting to avoid an international incident tries to calm down her husband.
Darlene: “Now, now… I’m sure Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear.”

Okay, I’ve been holding that one since before communism collapsed in the USSR.. probably should have told it then.
I would assume that the American couple are actually spies.   
Still, the joke works better if you say the lines out loud in the appropriate accent, you capitalist pig, er, tovarish.

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