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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Godzilla: The Soul Of Japan

From Kaptain Kristian comes this informative look at Godzilla, King of the Monsters… a movie kaiju (monster) that was for many kids the lead in to their first look at Japan.

Granted it’s not a perfect look, because aside from the near nuclear meltdown of a couple of nuclear reactors at a power plant in Fukushima-ken, and a couple of its cities getting blasted to atoms by bombs during WWI… oh, and a ship and its crew being the first ever live people exposed to the radiation from nuclear bomb testing in the 1950s, Japan has never been exposed to the type of radiation that could ever spawn a monster like Godzilla.

Hmm… wait. That’s a helluva lot of exposure to deadly radiation.

The first Godzilla movie shows the sad result of what nuclear weaponry can do to Japan.
Anyhow, the video below takes a look at the evolution of Godzilla in the movies, and not real life… even though life does seem to have a way of imitating art.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Thanks to Matthew for the heads up.

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