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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Japan's Shadow Play Of War

War affects everyone differently. For those who are brave, there are those who are frightened. For those who survive, there are those who are killed.

It was said at the the time, that by the end of WWII, everyone knew someone who was affected by death in the war.

I don't know about that, but the point is that it was certainly far-reaching. I had a great uncle who fought against the Germans in North Africa... and I'm sure most of you have a relative somewhere and somewhen who was in the war. One of my high school buddies - his dad was part of the Hitler Youth... saying that if he didn't join it would have been trouble for him and his parents, such was the bullying aspect, to put it politely.

The images above show two examples of the shadow remains of Japanese civilians - bodies vaporized after one of the two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

You can see on the left the seared in imprint of a man and a ladder vaporized by the heat of the blast against a wall... and on the right the carbon remains blasted into the cement of an old man (my guess) who was sitting on the steps enjoying the day.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Japan was no rose blossom during WWII... but these (probably) aren't soldiers. However, I also understand the Allied response for the need to use these bombs... there was no way in hell Japan was ever going to surrender, and there was going to have to be an Allied land invasion of Japan... and that would mean many more dead on both sides that what was "accomplished" by the nuclear bombs.

Japan pretty much invented the slogan "death before dishonor", and there was nothing more dishonorable to the Japanese from 1945 and earlier than being captured or defeated by the enemy. Any enemy... whether it was "allied" of an enemy "samurai clan" from pre-1867.

Above we see the frightening visages of who far man"kind" has come from bashing each other's brains in with stones.

Andrew Joseph

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