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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Silence - Official Movie Trailer

Matthew recently sent me the first official trailer for the movie Silence.

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Silence stars Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson in the 1600s as two Jesuit priest in Japan who are trying to find their lost mentor and to further Christianity in a country very much rooted in the philosophy of Buddhism, and religions of Shintoism and Taoism.

Needless to say, their God and their religion, while welcomed by many intrigued Japanese peasants, is NOT welcomed by the Japanese ruling class.... with lots of violence and murder. 

It looks... intriguing. 

You can read about what I had to say on the subject matter HERE and HERE. Probably a few other blogs, too. I guess I like to pontificate.

I have never been the type of Roman Catholic who saw fit to impose my religious views on anyone, and as such, I have never felt much of anything for those who did. It always seemed like a way for colonialism to take root in countries that just wanted to do things the way that worked best for them.

How egotistical is it of me to say that my god is better than your god? Especially when it's all a matter of faith.

I'm not even much of a Catholic nowadays, as I like concept of Christianity, but not the official way religion imposes its will. I feel the same way about other religions that push that their way is the best or the only way.

Still... I'm of the opinion that if it makes you happy to be happy, then be happy. Or... love, and do as you will.

I'll watch Silence when it comes out... and hope it's not JUST about religion, and hope it is also about a warlord trying to maintain discipline over the vassals, and that the little guy somehow gets to rescue a princess in a galaxy far, far away... you know what I mean. 

Andrew Joseph
PS: Photo is mine

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