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Friday, December 2, 2016

Wrestling With A Bra

Japanese pro wrestling has finally crossed the line.

Sure we know that it’s sports-entertainment… scripted wrestling matches with pre-determined moves, throws and match winners… even scripted spontaneous television interviews.

But after seeing the photo above, I say enough is enough! Japanese pro wrestling has gone too far!

Helping to reattach the woman’s bra?!

What madness is this?!

Helping preserve the sanctity of the woman’s moral goodness? A woman who calls herself “The Walking Pheromone”?

Bakayaro!!!! (That’s Japanese for “stupid idiot”.)

Meet 36-year-old Japanese wrestler Ishikara Taichi who goes by the very original stage name of Taichi… seen in the photos scattered through here wrestling with a bra.

As a man who has wrestled with his own fair share of brassieres—and I’m talking about those that have adorned the lovely female body… struggling with snaps that won’t unsnap, hooks that won’t unhook and women who won’t let me anywhere near them, let me state that I am shocked by Taichi’s behavior… actually ensuring that Japanese media personality and model Abe Miho (surname first) doesn’t lose face when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

First of all… she’s gorgeous… I don’t believe she will lose face.

I know… she might become embarrassed…. I mean, she didn’t ask for her sexy bra to come unhinged… it was simply in the script.

The way it goes, is that back on June 19, 2016 at a wrestling event in Japan, Taichi noticed that the 28-year-old Abe’s bra had come loose and was about to drop its contents, namely Abe’s boobs… not to be confused with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe’s boobs, aka his international policy. 

Fearing that Abe (the sexy one… not the politician, sigh) would become a media darling for all the wrong reasons. Taichi sprang into action and began to reattach Abe’s bra, ticking off millions of fans, but earning the respect of Abe and women everywhere for his gallantry… and for his well-oiled muscles, while secretly spurning Abe (again… the sexy one… not the politician) for agreeing to this scripted wrestling farce.
Granted I don't have much personal experience with putting a bra ON a woman, but aside from the titillating position assumed by both participants, I'm sure there is an easier, less cluttered way of performing the good deed. Does anyone know just what the heck that leopard skin is supposed to be?
Let’s face it… is Taichi really being gallant in coming to the rescue of Abe’s (why are you even thinking about the politician?) boobs when it is all part of a rehearsed script?

That’s why I’m really upset.

At the same time, I don’t know if I am impressed or disappointed in Taichi for knowing how to “attach” a bra.

I am also a tad shocked at Abe (I would have dressed her in a leather bra to match the black leather mini skirt) because I have never met a woman who did not know how to put on her own bra.

I am impressed with Taichi, because I know that he knows that, too… and that he only had to stand in front of her and drape his cape or whatever the fug that is around her, while she twisted the rear of the bra to the front for better access to lockability and then twisted it around again making sure her sweater puppets were adequately covered.

Now that’s acting.

I don’t know if he can wrestle, but Taichi sure knows how to set himself to grapple with a bra.

Some…where… what’s that I smell? It’s purty…
Andrew Joseph

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