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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Here's an image of a Japanese soldier during WWII, shaking his comrade... hoping he isn't dead.

But he is.

Some 2,120,000 Japanese soldiers died during the war.

Because you are wondering, 5,533,000 German soldiers died along with 261,000 Austrians.

China had an estimated 3-4 million soldiers die in the 1930s through the end of WWII - recalling that Japan invaded China in 1937 two years earlier than the actual global conflict.

The hardest hit was the Soviet Union, who lost 8.8 to 10.7 million soldiers.

The U.S. lost 416,800; Great Britain 383,600; France 217,600... and it goes on and on...

Battle deaths are estimated to have been 15 million.

Andrew Joseph


  1. It looks a little early for the "official" WWII. Was it possibly taken in China? What doesn't get mentioned, at least in the West, are the Japanese in Manchukuo and other places in China at wars end. Entire divisions fought for the Communists and likely the Nationalists rather than return home. For the civilians it was worse than that. Other oddities include the British re-arming the Japanese to maintain white control of Indochina until the French could return.

    I do not mean to in anyway gloss over or downplay the horrific things Japan did in the countries she occupied, but at least we can see the Germans as human beings, a courtesy not extended to the Japanese in WWII. For all that is wrong with it the translations of letters posted on the Yasukuni Jinja website remind us that these men were still people with the same concerns and fears as all young men thrust into intolerable conditions.

    The ability to carry out horrific acts is not a cultural trait of the Japanese or Germans, it is a part of the human condition which we must all be on guard against.

    1. Hey Pat - well said... Let me see how I can take care of at least one of these points ASAP... and others shortly thereafter...