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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And To Think That I Saw It ON TV

I must admit that when the U.S. elections were occurring this past year, I was secretly hoping that Donald J. Trump would win... no, not because I thought he was the best option, but rather because I knew he would present the best sound-bite. I'm from Canada.

Plus... I figured electing him would teach the American people to be careful what you wish for... having seen the same sort of circus with a recent mayor of Toronto. I don't wish to speak ill of the dead, so I'll just leave it at that.

In the past few weeks of U.S. president Donald J. Trump as the leader of the so-called free-world, I have no idea what his plans for the United States are, except that he seems overly concerned about keeping people out - which is fine. That's his administration's prerogative.

As an interested observer of American politics, I am curious about the number of times President Trump seems to go off half-cocked... espousing views without having the proper facts to back them up... like his recent comments about what is going on in Sweden - implying that immigrants there are causing an increase in violence... claiming he saw something about that on television.

The Swedes were not amused.  

Hence the very funny joke image above. Hopefully this will amuse the Swedes.

I see lots of interesting stuff on television... a medium once described as something that would rot one's mind.

Don't you believe that... look at what you see, and question it... find out BOTH sides of an argument and then make an informed choice on how YOU wish to proceed.

I'm not saying you shouldn't believe what your leader's say... just be aware that regardless of the country or political party... just like how the media can further manipulate a survey's scant results... slow down... and take a critical look at the facts... because yes... sometimes there IS fake news.

Sometimes the fake news is being made by people who claim fake news is real. Like I am with the photograph above.

Fake news.

It reminds me of the classic first book from Dr. Seuss (aka Ted Geisel): And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, a 1937 story about a boy named Marco, who describes a parade of imaginary people and vehicles traveling along Mulberry Street, in a fantasy story he dreams up to tell his father at the end of his walk. However, when he arrives home he decides instead to tell his father what he actually saw—a simple horse and wagon.

Or... if you prefer, a dog and pony show.

And that is a story that no one can beat
And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street.

By the way... minutes after I wrote this - minutes! - a report came out from Sweden, that rioting immigrants threw rocks at police after they arrested another immigrant - damage included: half a dozen cars being burned, vandalizing of several shopfronts, and police getting stoned (and not the good way) by rock throwing youths.

Now... if I was a conspiracy theorist like some presidents, I might suspect that the whole thing was orchestrated in order to prove a point...

We all know that there are professional rioters who cause trouble at various demonstrations... just like how you can watch news on a Middle East country and see the very same people burning American flags and chanting death to the Satan America. The same 40 people who are the cause of every news riot - providing the U.S. with the right to shuffle more money and energy into defending the Middle East from itself. The U.S. economy stays strong when there's an enemy to fight. (see Grenada - bonus points if you can point to it on a map)

I mean really... you see those riots on the news? Doesn't anyone work? Someone must... are the riots caused by people who don't work - professional rioters, not withstanding?

Okay - a lot of that was fake news... and a lot of that was reality... but it's okay... you guys are smart enough to figure what is what...

But yeah... Sweden and riots... that Trump... it's like he knew it was going to happen... like he's able to see into the future or something... like some kind of mutant. 

I said "like", not "is".

By the way... since the U.S. president is retroactively correct for the moment regarding Sweden (maybe immigrants were involved), should Japan be worried?

Godzilla wasn't on AMC this week, was it?    

Somewhere on a commercial break,

Andrew "not my real name" Joseph
PS: That is my real name. Isn't it?
PPS: A dog and pony show is: an elaborate display or presentation, especially as part of a promotional campaign.
PPPS: And before anyone gets too upset with me, the photo above was sent to me by an American citizen... and I swear I thought it was real. Maybe it will be...  

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