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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Japanese Tentacles In LEGO

Hi... above is a photo I found on Pinterest (HERE) of a LEGO diorama of a city block.

A close examination of the multi-story building on the right shows it being consumed by an inky blackness, that is infecting everything it touches...

... but what is of greater interest to this blog about all things Japanese, is the appearance of tentacles.

Sure... it could be some strange Cthullu-like beast where cyclopean towers defying mathematics exist, or some evil dimensional god ready to battle Conan (both examples are from the 1930s, via H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard), but I prefer to look at it as an invading tentacle creature... like you would expect to see in Japanese anime porn... because, dammit, that is what I thought off when i spotted this a few days ago, rather than the Cthullu/Conan stuff I came up with as I began typing this out.

For those of you who have been with me a long time as readers/friends, et al... you might recall the LEGO model I built and wrote about HERE back in June of 2012... has it been nearly five years??!!

Don't be too surprised by the blog title "Tentacle Rape" - there's no actual rape... no violence... just the promise of it.

Here's an image of the model below, in case you don't feel like traveling back to an old blog.

I have no idea why the Japanese have this whole anime genre of tentacle porn... I saw my first such video/movie nearly 30 years ago... but it remains a popular genre.

Even though the top-most LEGO diorama does not show tentacle porn, but rather tentacle-evil... in Japanese anime that just foreshadows the tentacle rape.

There's even a stereotype rule for tentacle porn:

Andrew Joseph


  1. The other day while we were touring islands, my son pulled a tentacle out of his noodles and said, "Is this squid?" I said, "Who knows? Just taste it." And he did. So this trip was worth it just for that moment when my pickiest eater ate a tentacle.
    Cheers, my friend! Hope all is well with you.

    1. That IS a great story! No muss, no fuss... he just ate a squid... er, it was a squid, right? Purple is octopus... and white is squid or cuttle fish... All is well... it's -10C this morning and I can't feel my hands as I type this response! +8C tomorrow... what global warming?