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Friday, February 3, 2017

Miss Universe Japan 2016

There she was, Miss Universe Japan…

I really should be doing these biographies earlier… but we still have a few weeks before she is replaced.

Miss Universe Japan 2016 is the very beautiful Nakazawa Sari (surname first).

Scattered throughout here are photos of Nakazawa in various official Miss Universe costumes: Swimsuit, Evening Gown and National Costume.

Just note that Nakazawa (or any of the previous Miss Universe Japan contestants) have ever had a real say in what they will wear at any of these competitions.

Also - the image at the top... with Nakazawa showing off her flawless skin... that is her in a swimsuit, and not her in the official Miss Universe swimsuit. That one is below. No... don't rush... the one above is far better. 

As for the WHY's of these costume choices, there are others who are part of some sort of Miss Universe Japan committee who make these decisions... and really, year after year after year with a few exceptions,  the choices they have made, in my opinion, have cost the contestant a real shot at being the Miss Universe pageant winner, or at the very least, in placing much higher.   

Nakazawa was born on July 13, 1993.

Yes… I was still in Japan… so there’s always a chance I could know her mom… it was the 1990s… and a guy like me was easily able to date outside his weight-class, so to speak… IE, a bit of confidence and knowledge that most Japanese women had no idea what I was saying… well… I did better than all right in Japan.

Nakazawa is 23-years-old, and is from Otsu, Shiga-ken.

She stands 171 centimeters (5-foot 7 1/2 inches) tall, and weighs none of your damn business. She has lovely black hair and dark brown eyes and a killer smile.

Miss Universe Japan 2016 official swimsuit costume - obvious not as intimidating as the one she is wearing in the photo at  the top of this blog.
Nakazawa is a model in Japan, though we (me) assume she’ll soon be an international one.

While she was modeling, she was also a health science student.

While the English Wikipedia page on her simply says she likes to travel, it’s more than just a stupid statement…. Nakazawa has traveled… having visited around 20 different countries.

Miss Universe Japan 2015 National Costume... where she looks either like a German barmaid (and there's nothing wrong with that - except this is costume meant to represent Japan...) or it's a hybrid lower French can-can dancer and upper Chanel fashion from the 1950s. Heck... maybe Nakazawa Sari should have just worn a sari (from India)... it would have been better than this horrible mistake for Japanese nationalism. I would also have had her hair down... but I suppose it could have been lost against the black shoulder straps on the dress.'
Of course, none of the women involved in the Miss Universe pageants are just another pretty face…

No… much of Nakazawa’s travels have been because she has been involved in International Cooperation Project activities.

It's like the Ying and the Yang. If they had only followed Nakazawa's lead and given her that little black number created by Chanel for Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's (see below)... at least Nakazawa's big white evening gown shows off some of her yummy curves... I like it... except for the wings... which makes her look like a manta. 
Audrey Hepburn and her little black dress.
A Manta Ray.
Just for fun, for my Chinese fans, here's Miss Universe China 2013 (!!!) in her evening gown that truly is stunning, showing off her beauty, curves and sensuality. Now compare her dress with Miss Japan's. No comparison, really.
Nakazawa claims that the famous and late international actress Audrey Hepburn was her role model (hence why I chose to mention Hepburn in the photos above)… an interesting choice considering Ms. Hepburn had died months before Nakazawa had been born… but rather than simply wanting to yet another Holly Golightly, Nakazawa appears to have done some real research into Hepburn, admiring the actress for her charity work.

(Holly Golightly is the name of the main character in Truman Capote's 1958 novella Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the very famous 1961 movie of the same name - but note that it is a "light adaption" of the novella.) 

Here’s a You Tube video on Nakazawa Sari the 2016 Miss Universe pageant held in Manila, Philippines on January 30, 2017 (she did not place - basically out in the first round), an event won by Miss France.

That's NOT her speaking English, in case you are wondering: 

I still haven’t written about Miss Universe Japan 2015, Miyamoto Ariana, who created a major stir in Japan simply because she is half-Black and half-Japanese.

I did write a piece on Miss World Japan 2016, (that's WORLD, not UNIVERSE) another hafu... half-Indian/half-Japanese... which was what I was trying to create 27 years ago when I first arrived in Japan. You can read about her, HERE

I will do that soon… I had forgotten to do one… but originally did not feel like it because I felt it was dumb that people were focusing so much on her being hafu (half)… even though she relishes it herself.

I wasn’t afraid of any backlash from any of you readers… when it was announced who had won nearly two years ago, I just was more interested in how she would do in the contest… and she did reasonably well… better than other Japanese competitors had done in the near past.

As for Nakazawa… I only wish I knew her mom back in 1992-93…

It also doesn’t matter that she was one and done in the Miss Universe competition… now she has more time to do her charity work.

Andrew Joseph 


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