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Thursday, February 23, 2017


There’s a new game adults can play called Mokuru

Yes, they look like Crayola on steroids, or some weird Japanese sex toy I have never personally used... no... this is Mokuru.

And while I question it’s ability to be played for long in a bar, as they seem to imply it can be done: noise, room and public drunkenness come to mind, Mokukru does seem like a fun game of agility… and… fun, I guess.

For all you people who have been to Japan to teach English… do you recall your students swishing their pens or pencils around their hands and fingers in an incredible show of dexterity and ability to annoy?
Well… Mokuru isn’t like that, though it was inspired by it. Its creator even says so.   

The origins of the game go back about 50 years - back when kids in class would twirl their fountain pen caps.

A Japanese craft artist named Sato Toshio saw it and decided to create a toy version the emulated the twirling action beloved by Japanese school kids even now.

I want you to know that I can’t find any information on Sato or his twirling invention… but that doesn’t mean anything except that I couldn’t find it. What the hell was it called?!

Anyhow, that’s where Mokuru designer Node Masakazu (surname first) comes in, saying he saw that toy - made some adjustments of his own, and presto - Mokuru... or something like that...

Actually,  I was looking at the Mokuru data I was sent (I should read these things first)… and I found out that Sato created Mokuru 20 years ago… and that Node simply improved upon it and kept the name… with permission from Sato.

Sato and the new Mokuru gang did product testing, to establish the ideal size, shape and material for Mokuru.

Mokuru is described by its creator as a desktop toy made from Japanese beech wood.

It looks a lot like the old Skittle-Bowl game… no… I never played it… I just have a strange ability to recall completely random useless things. Pity I can’t make money from that.

Apparently to remember this, I forgot how to do math.
See? Then again… it’s not like anyone has a copyright on a shape... or do they? Probably not... skittle games have been around since the ancient Greek times.

Both are made of wood… but Mokuru has the words Mokuru on it… is painted in pretty colors, and has neat groove lines around the narrow necks… of the beech wood cylinder.

So… a desktop game… Mokuru is available in black, white, blue, orange and red. 

The game is meant to not only be an ideal time waster, but is something the creators say will help sharpen one’s focus and hand-eye-coordination.

How do you play?

Tip Mokuru over gently to make it flip.

No… not like this:

Man, that chick is strong! You go Grrrl!

No... don;'t flip it like that, rather flip Mokuru like this:

Once you get the hang of how Mokuru flips, now things get fun… with tricks and games for yourself and friends.

I’m not sure if it is a requirement, but you may need to wear some sort of woolen hat - even in the summer.

Gods help me, I think my son is going to be one of those… especially after I bought him a pair of hip Vans shoes - he preferred footwear of sk8r boys and girls. Yes… you have to spell it that way.

Tricks that can be contemplated by people much cooler than myself are:

Flip: Use one finger to flip Mokuru around from its tip from left to right
Triangle: Flip the Mokuru to draw a triangle
Square: Flip the Mokuru to draw a square 

Hold: Flip Mokuru from left to right and catch it on the back of your hand
Kiss: Use one Mokuru to flip another Mokuru from left to right and then up and down
Big Ben: Flip and make Mokuru stand
Big Square: Use two Mokuru to draw a square using both hands
Twin: Use two Mokuru and manipulate them with one hand
Five Moves: Use five Mokuru and manipulate them with one hand

Vs: Using a big table, flip the Mokuru to the person across from you
Marathon: 2-10 people keep the Mokuru running continuously in a line

Right now, Mokuru is a Kickstarter campaign… and you can partake of the fun by clicking HERE.

For the record, I have not received any money or even a sample of Mokuru and can not speak directly to the coolness of the product… but it does look cool.

Andrew “no longer cool” Joseph
PS: More like "never was"

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