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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Andrew Joseph: Taxi Walker

Okay… since the book review I just wrote is now on hold until the actual publication date, I’m doing another one of these social commentaries on what are purported to be Japanese inventions.

The above photo is not new… though it was new to me when I saw it.

Essentially a pedometer, what we see above is a something called a TaxiWalker… a device that shows you just how much money save in taxi charges by all that walking you’ve been doing.

It’s actually quite a cool device.

Other than owning the latest cool device and spending lots of money for the privilege of owning one—see whatever phone you recently purchased—the next best thing is seeing how much money you have saved.

Okay, I don’t know if that’s true, but I was oddly intrigued by how much money I could save merely because I am so lousy at saving money.

I’m of the position that I spend whatever money I have just in case I don’t get a chance to do so later… a fact I saw first hand with my parents saving up for that rainy day only to have my mother die at the age of 55… a number I am approaching soon enough.

Obviously, I will save money if there’s something I want or need—like paying the bills (That’s apparently something I need to do - who knew?).

But the TaxiWalker… I like it.

I even like the logo! Although that thumb out thing is more of a hitchhiking thing, rather than a means to describe how to attract a cab!

Still, the TaxiWalker looks like a taxi’s fare meter… if you are familiar with a checkered cab… an actual car that was manufactured until 1982 - pretty much looking the same since it was first introduced in 1958… and an American taxi company called Checker Taxi.   

The money saved on the “fare” changes with every 50 steps you take.

But… for those of you living in Japan, the TaxiWalker uses real taxi rates in Japan, and can be adjusted for different regions across Japan… because Japan has different rates in different parts of the country.

Other fun walking aspects include being able to switch to “Highway Mode” or “Long-Haul Mode” …

Want to buy one? Holy crap! You can!

Visit Japan Trend Shop and pick one up for US $33…  though I am unsure if it works the same in the U.S… but if you are then going to Japan… hey… bonus! Click HERE.

It comes in white, yellow, orange and black.

Andrew Joseph

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